Dont underestimate her

Bay is not a normal teenager when all the kids in her school make fun of her and call her weak and pathetic .her school had a group of ceral killers and....


5. Drew brought us closer

I was standing shocked he jumped on me and throw me on my bed tied me up and started to rape me I was screaming and crying and then there was andie and he beat the living out of him he untied me and there I was latched onto andie with no shirt intill he got a bonner than I put a shirt on and he started to blush the the cops showed up and Eli showed up " what the fuck is Drew doing here " he said while I held him back " im fine and I have no idea but he will be going away for a long time he can be charged for 3 reasons Rape , breaking and entering , Breaking the restranging Oder " I said standing close to andie " we'll how do you know that guy " andie said " we'll unm he's my brothers father and my brothers father and we'll my brother was graduating from military school and his dad went a wall an help a gun to my head so yea he's fucked up " I grabed Eli aside. "What is Drew and andie doing here " shaking his head " Drew raped me and andie saved me " I said ashamed " but can you do me a favor " I said with a huge smile " what " he replyed " can u cover for me tonight " exspecting him to say no " ok unm sure "

thanks to the people that read this comment if you want me to continue


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