Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


17. well

Me and the boys played on my xbox for 5 hours straight! Haha I just love hanging out with them then harry said "I'm going to sleep guys!" He said heading upstairs "wait what!" In my bed!?" "Yeah if you don't mind?" "Then where am I going to sleep?" I asked harry stopped walking "with me" he smiled "fine"

Nialls pov

When I heard that liz was going to sleep with harry I got just a tiny bit jealous

Harry's pov

Yay liz actually agreed!! Woo! I walked into Liz's room ,her room is so cozy,I like it ,I smiled looking at a picture of her and her mom ,I yawned then I took off my shirt and pants (obviously) then I jumped in bed ..........I suddenly fell asleep

Liz's pov

I was starting to get tired "it's only 1:06 AM Im gonna go to sleep boys" then I got up and hugged them all good night ..........I started walking up the stairs then I got to my room I saw harry almost NAKED!! Well he was in his boxers "harry" I whispered ,he fluttered his eyes open "yes liz?" "Why are you in your boxers?!"

Hey guys guess what I have ELEVEN FANS!!! Woo! (Haha sorry another loser moment)

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