Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


18. um AWKWARD

"Why are you in your boxers" I asked "I can't sleep unless I'm wearing only boxers" he said with a smile ,I sighed "whatever" I was too tired to care ......I quickly changed into my pajama shorts and shirt then I got into bed next to harry "good night harry" I whispered "goodnight love" then me and him drifted off to sleep

****the next morning*****

I woke up with arms around my waist they were Harry's arms ,I slowly got up with out waking harry ,I walked downstairs,all the boys were sleeping ,I took a picture of all four of them individually and posted it on twitter and instagram ,then I suddenly got a whole bunch of followers "holy crap" I said "what is it! Are you ok liz?" Niall said rushing towards me,I guess I woke him " I'm fine I just got lots of followers" "why?" "Um nothing" I said as I ran into the kitchen " if it's nothing then why are ya runnin' away" he said in the other room,

Nialls pov

I checked my twitter and saw a picture of me,SLEEPING?!? "LIZ!" I yelled "yes?" She said trying not to smile "why'd you post pictures of me and the lads sleeping!" I asked "because! Your fans would love it! " she said ,I wanted to be mad at her but I didn't want to hurt her feelings

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