Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


33. the next day

Liz's pov

I woke up with someone's arms around my waist ,I looked over to see niall,the other boys must've gotten back late last night,I layed back down and watched him sleep(it's not creepy) he looks cute when he sleeps then he smiled "your awake aren't you" I said "how'd ya know?" He said "you smiled" I said "oh...when are we gonna go get some food?" He said "now" I told him "finally!" He said ,me and niall ran downstairs. I rushed to the fridge "wanna make pancakes?" I smiled "of coarse" he said in his Irish accent ,I grabbed all the ingredients to make our breakfast ,first niall and I put all of it in a bowl,then I started mixing the batter,then niall grabbed a pan then he grabbed a spatula ,I poured some of the pancake mix on the pan"niall can I add blueberries?" I asked "but I want chocolate chips in it" he whined "fine we'll put chocolate chips" I smiled at him

****five mins later*****

After me and niall finished A LOT of pancakes ,I called the rest of the boys downstairs ,the rest of the boys (including 5sos) came running into the dining room yelling "yay!" Or "food!"

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