Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her



Nialls pov

Me,Lou,zayn and liam went to Simons office "hello boys" he said as we sat down "hi" we said "why are we here?and why us and not harry?"zayn asked "well because I want to throw a SUPRISE party for liz,and harry can't keep a secret". "Hahahahaha" I laughed how Simon thinks harry can't keep a secret

Hey guys I can't update tomorrow ....because I have to cook at my auntys dinner.......anyways I guess what I HAVE 112 FANS!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!i want to thank Abby_riggs for the help! AND GUESS WHAT!!!!!MY BIRTHDAY IS MAY 14th................yeah I'm really tired it's 1:00am and I can't sleep...........bye!!!!ill try updating soon!!bye

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