Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


4. staring

My pov

Me and him were playing call of duty ghost we took turns cause I have one controller and one headset "god damn it this little kid doesn't even know how to play!!" I yelled at the kid I was playing online with,"I think I should play now" Niall said "nope I on a roll"

Niall pov

"Nope I on a role" she said then I tackled her we were both laying on the floor .me on top....she had beautiful eyes WAIT!!!!!! What time is it i was supposed to be back at Harry's place an HOUR ago "shit,I have to leave,but first sing for me" her eyes went wide "what! No! I'm not going to" she said standing up "please" I had puppy eyes "ugh fine,come on" she pulled me into her music room

*in the music room now*

"What song?....wait!i know what to sing! But only a little bit of the song though"

Then she started singing give your heart a break by Demi lavato

"When your lips are on my lips then our hearts beat as one but you slipped out of my finger tips every time you run oh ooh woah don't wanna break your heart wanna give your heart a break..the day I first met you you told me you never fall in love". I love the way she sings.its so diffrent(in a good way)

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