Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


42. really

Niall's pov

Wow me and liz are together now . "You wanna go tell the guys?" She asked smiling "of coarse,princess" I said

~in the living room~

"Okay,you guys are probably wondering why we called you in here" liz told them "me and liz are together now!" I said happily "yay!congrats!" Lou said "Claudia and I are dating now" harry said "oh my gosh,I'm so happy for you" liz said hugging Claudia "I'm happy for you too" Claudia said

Claudia's pov

I thought me and harry were going to keep it a secret......oh well! It's better this way! I looked over to harry he was smiling like crazy ,I love it when he smiles ,his cute dimples popping out

Liz's pov

I'm so happy that I'm dating Niall ,I always knew me and him would be together,I always felt safe with him,he helped me stop doing what my secret was ,"princess,you wanna go upstairs and watch a movie?" Niall asked "yeah" he said


Me and niall were watching Nemo lol "princess?" Niall said "yes" I said "would you wanna do more concerts?" He said "um I don't know" I sighed "please princess?" He pouted "um I'll think about it" I said fake smiling "okay" he said

We finished watching the movie then Simon called the boys so I guess it's a 5sos day for me and Claudia "we should go to the beach" calum said "yeah we should" Michael said "I guess" I said "I don't have a bikini" Claudia said "I have a extra one" I said leading Claudia to my room "do you want the pink one or the green?" I said "um green,I guess" she said "green it is" I said handing her the bikini

I went to the bathroom to change into the pink bikini then I took off my makeup put my hair into a messy bun then I went downstairs "you ready?" Ashton said "yep" I answered

Me and Ashton went into the truck and the other four went into the van

~the ride there~

It was very quite during the ride

"So what's new" Ashton said "um nothing much,really" I said awkwardly "oh....."

Hey guys guess what!!??!! I'm making another book(sequel to this one!). Yay!! I'm sure I'm publishing it soon. I'm so sorry for not updating as much,well you guys know why,right? Haha anyways I'm in London right now and it's 11:14,so I know this chapter kinda sucks,but I'm writing more chapters later,(my sleep is messed up :P)

Bye! :*

Kik me my user name is liz_rice72 .you don't have to Kik me you can if you want to! I'm just bored

Bye again!

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