Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


12. please

"Please can you come" niall pleaded "fine" I got up to get ready first I put some makeup on then I grabbed some shorts and a crop top to wear then I slipped on my TOMS then I ran downstairs "ready?" "Yep" then me and niall drove to Harry's

"Why did you work as a DJ?" Niall asked "well....when I was 16 I told my parents that i wanted to ,so they let me work at their bar....." "Oh". Then we were quite for the rest of the ride "we're here" niall said we both walked into Harry's flat "hey guys!" Harry yelled "hey" me and niall said at the same time "what ya do liz?" I wanted to sleep but I also wanted to play xbox "Xbox?" I asked "yeah sure" harry smiled ,I was about to grab my controller but harry grabbed them" liz you have to sing for me first" "but harry" I whined "nope not until you sing" I rolled my eyes then I started to sing "do you remember what he said I do he told you he'd never ever hurt you oh here we go again another breakup makeup when you gonna wake up I'm gonna be the one to call him out look how many times he let you down I'll be the one to say your beautiful one more word he's never said it all I'm just saying you need to go forget that boy" then harry handed me my controller "I love your singing" he said the we just carried on playing Xbox

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