Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


36. okay I guess

Liz's pov

I went upstairs to my room after what just happened between my and harry. I changed into shorts and a tee-shirt ,I decided to listen to music so I grabbed my beats and my iPhone and put on 'rap god' "I'm beginning to feel like a rap god rap god all my people from the front to the back-" then Luke came in my room "uh........" I said "hi to you too" he laughed "you gonna come?" He asked "um where?" I said "I'm gonna go to the mall" he said "oh yeah sure" I said smiling ,we got in the car and starting going to the mall

***5 mins later***

"We're here" Luke said "oh okay" I replied taking my seatbelt off ,we got in the mall "what do you want?" Luke said ...I furrowed my eye brows "what?" I said confused "I'm gonna buy you anything you want" he said "oh you don't have to do this" I said "I want to " he said hugging me "I'll just feel bad,when people buy me stuff" I said pouting "well I'm buying you stuff" he said running towards the Cotten candy cart "one bag of Cotten candy please" he told the man "here you go sir" the man said smiling then luke walked towards me "here,have some" he said with a mouthful of the Cotten candy "haha okay" I said grabbing some of the candy

******2 hours later*********************

Me and luke had TONS of bags of clothes,shoes,and a little makeup ,I only got a little bit of makeup because Luke said that I look better without it......but anyways we got home and dinner was ready! Yay! I love food! Haha I'm like Niall :p

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