Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


22. movie night with the boys

Ashton's pov

I wonder what she's gonna show us? Hmm??

Liz's pov

I don't know what to sing? Beside you by 5sos? No.....she looks so perfect...yeah

"Whatcha gonna sing?" Ashton asked "she looks so perfect by you guys" I said nervously he smiled ,I grabbed my guitar that Niall bought me "oh and guys,I only going to sing part of the song,is that okay?" I said "yeah" "sure" "coarse" all of them said

"simmer down simmer down they say we're too young now to amount to anything else but we've worked too damn hard just to give it up now but if you don't swim you'll drown but don't move honey~" then I stopped singing "wow that was-I just love your singing" Ashton said,I bit my lip

Ashton's pov

Wow ,harry said she was good but I think she's better than good,she's amazing ,I smiled at her again she bit her lip ,god I love it when she does that!

Liz's pov

Me and the boys spent they rest of the day watching movies ,I sat beside zayn,zayn sat beside Niall,Niall sat beside Ashton,Ashton sat beside harry,harry say beside luke,luke sat beside Liam,Liam sat beside calum,calum sat beside louis,louis sat beside Michael ,,,,,,,,,,"toy story or evil dead.put your hands up for toy story" liam asked,only me and liam raised our hands up for toy story "put your hands up for evil dead" he said ,everyone else raised their hands "I don't wanna watch a scary movie!" I whined "it's not that scary" zayn said "yeah" harry agreed "guys! Please can we not watch this!" I whined again "woops I already put the movie in" calum said "ugh" I said

******10 mins later********

We were at a scary part of the movie "liz" I heard niall whisper "what" I whispered back "come sit beside me" he whispered "zayn can I switch you spots?" I whispered in his ear "sure ,then me and zayn switched spots ......I sat beside niall "sit on my lap" he whispered ,so I did ,I rested my head on his shoulder ,he wrapped his arms around my waist ,I felt safe with niall .

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