Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


41. more concerts?

Liz's pov

~the same night~

Holy crap I'm tired ,me and niall went back to his dressing room ,I layed down on the couch and then niall came to lay down with me? I don't know ,I was half asleep "goodnight liz" I heard him whisper "are we still in your dressing room?" I said without opening my eyes "no we are back home" he said "what?i thought we were still in the arena?" I said " I carried you into the limo cause you were sleeping" he said "oh....ok" I said "goodnight nialler " I whispered

~the next day~

I woke up with Niall's arms around me "morning" I heard him say "good morning" I said smiling "why'd you smile?" He said "what I'm not allowed to smile?" I said going on his lap (he's still laying down) "your allowed to smile ,it's just that I was just asking" he said grabbing my waist "oh...I'm gonna go get some breakfast" I said trying to get up but niall was too strong "niall I wanna go get breakfast?" I said still trying to get up "nope,I wanna cuddle" niall said "fine,I'll cuddle you for ten Minuites then" I said laying back down on his chest

~5 mins later~

"Niall I'm gonna go eat now" I told him "okay I'm coming,I want food too" he said with his cute laugh "niall you always want food" I said ,he came up behind me and grabbed my waist "no,when I don't want food .i want you" he said in my ear "erm uh erm " I didn't know what to say I just kept walking to the kitchen

~after breakfast~

Well it was awkward during breakfast ......anyways me and Niall were chilling in the living room watching sponge bob(lol it's not childish) "liz do you wanna come to more concerts?pleaasee?" He said "okay but if I get hate,your my protecter" I said "I've always been your protecter" he said "awh" I said cuddling him

"What's going on in hereeee" harry said walking in, "harry we're just cuddling" Niall said "oh yeah 'just cuddling' " he said with quotation marks "so what" Niall said "so you guys probably kissed" harry said sitting down "well so-" I cut him off and kissed him "woah get a room" harry said,I broke the kiss "there does that awnser?" I said "okay,okay I'm gonna go upstairs" harry said standing up ,"uh so......" Niall said biting his lip "so......" I said "liz will you be mine,will you be my princess?" He said "yes,I'll be your princess,and you'll be my prince" we hugged

Hey guys ,YAY there finally together!!!! LIALL! Bye! :)

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