Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


1. hi I'm ....

Hi I'm liz I live in U.K I'm 17 and I'm a DJ at my parents club,my parents own a club ,I don't ever drink though but last night they let me have my first drink it was kinda awkward cause my parents were sitting there just watching me......SCREW IT I drank three shots then I went back to DJ

By the end of the night I was kinda drunk but then I saw a very beautiful boy he had blonde hair Later that night he came up to me asking "hey beautiful wanna dance" then he winked at me "sorry I have to DJ" then he handed me a piece of paper it had his number on it

******the next morning*********

I woke up with a damn headache"ermpgh" I groaned ,I looked on my nightstand ,I remembered that guy he gave me his number so I decided to call him


Me:um hi?

Him:who is this?

Me:uh liz the girl you gave your number to Last night

Him:uh I don't remember anything from last night

Me:well I don't either but you wanna chill with me

Him:um sure I guess

Me:k,I'll text you bye

Him:wait! What's your name?

Me:liz you?

Him:niall horan I'm famous

Me:uh doesn't ring a bell

Him:from one direction

Me:well I don't know them,anyways bye I'll text you


Then he hung up

Omg he sounded so sexy he had an IRISH accent (;

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