Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


40. dont ask

Liz's pov

~the next day~

"Liz" I heard Claudia say "liz" she said again ,I turned over "what?im trying to sleep here" I said "come on get up,don't you remember today is the one direction/five seconds of summer concert!" Claudia said ,I sat up "ugh fine I'll get ready" I said as I walked to my washroom "here's your 5SOS shirt and your 1D jacket" Claudia said handing me my stuff "thanks"

~~20 mins later~~

"I'm ready!" I yelled for Claudia "ok let's go,the boys left in the tour bus,calum called a limo for us" she said "oh nice!" I said

*at the concert*

Me and Claudia were backstage ,Claudia was in Harry's dressing room ,I was in Niall's

I was organizing nialls clothing until I got a text

Niall:I'm bored,please come on stage*pouty face*

Me:I am not going on stage ,too much hate -_-

Niall:please ,I'll protect you ,please


Niall:I'm bored without you though -_-

Me:fine,fine I'll see you on stage then

I went on stage and TONS of girls started screaming! I ran over to Niall and sat on his lap,then I heard one girl said "LIALL!!!" She screamed "Niall what does 'liall' mean" I asked him "they are shipping us" he said "oh...." Well that was awkward "liz can you sing with me" Niall said "Niall don't ask" I said sternly "come on!pwease" he asked "okay,what song?" I said "we are singing midnight memories" he said smiling ,then he looked at zayn and nodded ,what the hell? What?why did they nod?"liz were doing the song" Niall said "okay" I said "hey guys ,liz is going to sing one song with us" Niall said into the mic ,when he said that LOTS OF GIRLS STARTED SCREAMING!

"Straight off the plane to a new hotel just touched down you could never tell big house party with a crowded kitchen people talk shhh but we don't listen tell me that in wrong but I do what I please way too many people in the adison lane now I'm at the age where I know what I need

Midnight memories oh oh oh oh baby you and me stumbling in the street singing singing singing midnight memories oh oh oh oh anywhere we go never say no just do it do it dot five foot something with the skinny jeans don't look back baby follow me ,don't know where in going but I'm finding my way ,same old shhh but a diffrent day tell me that I'm wrong but I do what I please now I'm at the age where I know what I need oh ooh wahoo

Midnight memories baby you and me stumbling in the streets singing singing singing midnight memories "(ps sorry I didn't write all the lyrics because I'm too lazy LOL


I've decided to make teams(just for fun)












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