Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


6. cute texting

My pov

God I'm so bored now that niall left hmm what to do what to do I could text him


He replied right away

Him:hey <3

Me:what are you doing?

Him:just thinking about you


I could tell he was blushing


Aww he was thinking about me-WAIT what?! He's thinking about me!

I was thinking about him too so I texted him again

Me:well I think I'm gonna go for a run

Him:ok.text you later

Nialls pov

I just kept thinking about her .her voice.her eyes......her

I wonder if she's thinking about me? She probably isn't ....I have a problem ....I just can't stop thinking about her! I frowned "what's wrong Niall" harry asked "nothing" "ok" He walked out of the room ,I'm so bored ....I'm gonna go get some food

Liz's pov

I got my running stuff on and put my hair in a pony tail then got my iPod and started listening to a cover by Shawn Mendes 'say something' then I left and I ran for an hour

Hey guys you should listen to say something cover by SHAWN MENDES (I LOVE HIS VOICE!!!!) and thanks for reading!!!

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