Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


31. Claudia

Claudia's pov

I can't wait to see liz!! I haven't seen her in years! I wonder if she has a boyfriend? Ooh she probably does,I'm gonna go pack my stuff,and drive to her place

Liz's pov

Me and harry were still at home and I was waiting for Claudia,"liz I'm bored!" Harry whined "go play xbox or something" I said "but liz I don't like playing by myself!" He kept whining and whining "fine harry but I'm still waiting for Claudia!" I said "yay let's go!" He ran into the game room

We got into the game room and it's FREEZING! "Harry!its too cold in here!" I said ,he sat down on the bed "come sit on my lap" he said "no!" I said "why?" He asked "well....because.....I-"he cut me off "come on!" He said "fine,fine" I said sitting on his lap ,he was actually warm "you okay now?" He said "yes,surprisingly" I said laughing a little "good" he said smiling

Claudia is suppose to be here at five it's four thirty

**20 mins later**

Me and harry were playing call of duty ghosts but it stopped playing cause I didn't want to any more but he did "I'm gonna go upstairs" I said ,he pulled my wrist "stay...please...." He said looking at me ,I can't say no ,I just sat down on his lap ,he smiled "happy now?" I said "yeah"

Claudia's pov

I got to Liz's place and it looked huge!!! She said the door would be unlocked so I just walked in ,I looked in the living room,she wasn't in there,I looked in most of the rooms upstairs and downstairs,but exept for one room I walked in and liz was sitting on harry styles lap!!! THE HARRY STYLES!!!! She didn't notice I walked in because she was on her phone "liz your friend is here" harry said,she looked up and ran to me to hug me "oh my gosh I missed you" she said to me while hugging me "I missed you too" I said

Hey guys i got to update today cause I'm at my auntys place right now...........sorry if I don't update as much as I used did you like this chapter? Comment what you think! And if I don't reply to your comments sorry....but still comment what ya think! But anyways...........I'll try going to my aunty's place more so I can update .......bye! I will try updating for you guys!! Bye!!!

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