Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


43. cheek kisses

Ashton's pov

I got bored during the ride so I said "so what's new?" I asked liz "um nothing really" she said "oh...."

The we finally got to the mall!

~~in the mall~~

"Okay what were gonna do is I'm gonna buy you a birthday present!" I said ,she gave me a confused look?

"Uh Ashton,my birthday was last month" she said "um okay but just think of this as a late birthday then" I said ,she smiled and then ran into forever 21

~20 mins later~

"Holy crap! Liz we have at least 80 bags of clothes here!" I said laughing "well thank you for the clothes" the she kissed my cheek."aren't you with niall I said holding my cheek "yeah?why?" She said confused "you thought I kissed your cheek because I like you!"she gasped then she slapped me!

She freaking slapped me!

"I didn't mean it that way!" She yelled "I'm sorry"

"Bring me back home" she demanded "ok.ok" I said walking to the car

~in the car~

It was VERY quiet then

"I kiss everybody's cheek" she said "I'm very sorry liz" I said

She kissed my cheek again "your forgiven" she said.

Then we started listening to 'replay' by 'Zendaya'

Liz started singing.

I love it when she sings

"Yeah I wanna put this song on replay I could listen to it all day I could listen to you all day!" She sort of yelled/sing

We started laughing

"We should go get ice Cream!" I said "yeah!" Then I turned around to the ice cream shop

"I'll get a blue bubblegum on a waffle cone" she ordered "I'll get the strawberry on a waffle cone" then we both got our Ice cream then sat down

Niall's pov

I was walking around town then I saw Ashton and Liz!? They were laughing and throwing ice cream at each other! I walked into the ice cream place the went over to liz "what the hell!! Are you cheating on me!?!" I yelled at her

"No! I'm just hanging out with ash! What am I not allowed to hang out with guys anymore!?!" She yelled back "you know what?! We're done!!" I yelled the stormed out

Liz's pov

I could feel tears going down my face ,I hugged Ashton "shh it'll be okay" she said rubbing my back "can I s-stay at your p-place tonight?" I sniffled "yeah sure stay as long as you want"

Ashton's pov

I haven't been to my place in a while because all of us have been at Liz's place "okay you wanna go now?" I asked her .she nodded

~at ash's place~

I carried her inside then I put her on my bed "thanks Ashton" she whispered "your welcome" I said "I'm gonna go buy some ice cream and movies okay?" I said .she nodded

~after I bought the stuff~

I got back home then I went up to my room where liz was I walked in and liz was crying still "it's gonna be okay" I said hugging her .she hugged back "thank you" she whispered

Niall's pov

I walked in Liz's place to pack my stuff.why would she do this to me?!?!! I'm so angry right now!!! I was (angrily) packing my stuff until harry walked in "what's wrong mate?" He asked "I'll tell you when ALL of move out of this place" I said "but w-""just go pack!" I yelled harry ran out of the room

Harry's pov

I wonder what happen?anyways I have to tell the other boys to pack up? I don't know I guess I'll just listen to Niall....

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