Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


8. can you?

Nialls pov

I'm still thinking if I should tell somebody or not

I'm gonna tell someone that can keep a secret but who? Zayn? Harry? Louis? Liam can keep a secret so I'm going to see him but I gotta eat first

After I finished eating I drove to Liam's place I knocked on the door "who is it?" I rolled my eyes "it's niall" then he opened the door "so why are you here?" He asked "I needed to tell someo-WAIT! You don't even know her!" "Know who?"

"I met her at the club" "know who?" "Come on get ready your going to meet her" "Ok I guess"

Liz pov

Today I wanted to just be lazy I'm gonna sleep outside on my hammock and read a book I was outside reading until I heard a knock on the door "ugh why?" Then I sat up and went to the door .......I opened the door and saw niall "what are you doing here?" "Can you sing for me" "really niall is that all you came for" "Well I wanted you to sing for liam" "Who's liam" "he's a part of one direction" "I don't know who one direction is!" "Liam you can come out of the car now!" "Ok I'm coming" "can we come in? Please?" "Fine I guess" then I walked to the music room and showed them the say something cover mashup I did "wow you have an amazing voice,what's your name?,Niall didn't tell me" "My names liz" "oh then liz you should tell more people that you sing" "Why" "why,because you have a beautiful voice,that's why" "I don't know" "well at least tell the other lads" "who?" "The other boys of one direction" "I don't know who that is" "have you heard at least one of our songs" "no" Liam had a shocked face "what?!" "I said I've never heard any of your songs" "Well then come with us" "Excuse me" "woah we meant like come visit our flat" ugh why do I have to be so nice "fine" then I hopped in nialls car

*five mins later*

"We're here" Niall said "why do I have to came again?" "Your singing for us" "Oh so I'm your slave now" I said sarcastically ,we walked In "who's that?" The boy with the dark hair said "this is liz,my friend,liz that's zayn,that's harry,that's louis" "Hi" they all said "hey...." I sat down on the couch "so liz what brings you here" "Liam" I gave him the 'tell them' look "well she's going to sing" I rolled my eyes "where's the music room" "Follow me" zayn said I followed him "here" "what song?" "What makes you beautiful" "I don't know that song" they had shocked faces wow it's getting annoying "really?" "Yeah I don't listen to 'one direction'" I said with quotation "hm then what song" louis said "how about .....holy grail" "Sure" then I started singing

"Well what do you guys think?" They all looked at each other "we love your singing" I looked at the time 2:29 "guys I have to leave" "why" "Because my mom is coming to see me" then niall came to hug me "please stay" he whispered "I have to leave" I said getting out of the hug "please" he pouted "no I'm sorry"

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