Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


19. another chapter :p

After me and Niall ate "what do you wanna do today?" He asked "I don't know" I shrugged my shoulders "do you wanna meet 5sos?" He asked " oh my god are you serious!" I asked "yeah" he said "thank you" I said hugging him tightly "your welcome" he said hugging back "ok i gotta call luke then" he said "ok,I'm gonna go change" I said running upstairs "why are you changing?" Niall yelled "cause I wanna look cuter,duh" I said then I heard Niall sigh "liz you look fine" he said "um ok but I'm still changing" then I grabbed my blue denim shorts and blue crop top and changed into them ,I brushed my hair then I put my blue SnapBack on,then I looked in my mirror "ok,I think I look good"

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