Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


34. after

Liz's pov

After me and the boys ate we went out to the pool in the back yard was awkward,because I was the only girl,like the ONLY girl,"um so what are we gonna do later?" I said "maybe we should go to nando's" niall said "no we should go to ihop" zayn said "we should go to to the mall and buy stuff for liz!" Calum said "ugh you guys are stupid,we should go to the park!" Luke said

Then all of the boys started arguing,then I just walked upstairs to my room without even caring about the boys,,,,,...,,,,,....I went to Claudia's room

"Hey" I said "hi" she replied "the boys are arguing about what we should do today" I said with I sigh "oh.lets for a little clear our minds,okay?" She said smiling "okay" I replied

Me and Claudia got our shoes and snook out

**5 mins later**.

Me and Claudia were laughing and having a good time

I missed this.hanging out with her

Harry's pov

I realized that liz and Claudia haven't came downstairs in a while and I'm getting worried,so I went upstairs to check on them,I looked in Liz's room"not here" I said to myself ,I looked in Claudia's room"not here" I repeated ,ugh! Where are they! I called liz three times in a row already! She's not picking up!

Hey guys what do you think will happen ,sorry for the short chapter,but I'll try to update soon,bye!!!!

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