Secret singer

Liz had always been singing but she NEVER sings in front of anyone

See what happens when someone hears her


20. 5SOS!!!!!!!!

I can't believe niall is getting 5sos to come here ,I was laying in bed until I heard Niall say "liz there here!" He yelled,omg omg omg there here!!!!! "Ok I'm coming!" I walked down the stairs and there're they are five seconds of summer "hi" Luke said ,"hi..." I said quitely

Nialls pov

Luke kept smiling at liz.....and she kept smiling I jealous?

Liz's pov

Luke's smile was so cute,his eyes looked beautiful ,I kept thinking that until Niall said "liz?,earth to liz?" He said " oh what?" I said snapping out of it "I want you to sing" Niall pulled me into the other room "can you?" He asked "niall why do you want me to sing for everyone you introduce me to?" I whined "well.....I want you to at least sing to them" he pleaded "fine...."

Me and niall walked into the music room "be right back " he said "okay" ......then nine boys came in the music room(5sos & 1D) "what are we doing in here?" Calum said "liz wants you show you something" Niall said "okay then?" Luke said

Luke's pov

Wow she looks beautiful . Wait what am I thinking ............I just met at first sight?

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