One night.
That's all it took.
But she'd never tell him.
Because he was living his dream.
And she was at home raising her daughter.
Their daughter.
"So Harry, do you want kids?" the interviewer pressed, hoping to unlock a new rumor. Harry shrugged, pinning his bottom lip between his thumb and index finger.
"Yeah, eventually." Ari let out a little squeal, almost as if she were pleased with his answer.
"Daddy!" she called, turning to laugh at me.
"Ari, shh!" I tried hushing her, but it was too late. the band turned to face us, Ari began waving. I guess my shield behind the curtain wouldn't work after all. Harry's face went white, eyes wide and he stood up, storming out of the interview, leaving the rest of the boys to stare at us in curiosity


9. Chapter 9

Ari laid in my arms sleeping soundly and Bennie's groggy head was rested on my legs, her body shaking with every sob. She tried so hard to be quiet for her niece's sake, but she couldn't help it.

We walked into Jordan making out with another girl, who we learned was a new girl at work that he was assigned to train for her job. Apparently they were training in more ways than one.

I had to claw Bennie off of the girl, but knew I couldn't keep them off of each other while trying to soothe a crying Ari. So I was forced to call Harry, out of panic.

I was still mad at him and his crazy girlfriend, but Gemma and Anne were fast asleep, getting ready to leave for home.

I couldn't stand here and risk a neighbor calling the police. So I dialed Harry's number.

He came right over and helped me get the situation under control. Harry took Ari for me while I kicked Jordan and his mistress out, holding Bennie with all my might until she eventually gave up fighting and just rested her head on my shoulder and cried her heart out.

"Hey..." I look up, Harry stood in the door frame of the kitchen, holding two cups of tea. I smiled and very slowly got up.
Bennie had eventually fallen asleep and was now lying in the fetal position on the couch. It broke my heart to see her so destroyed.

But seeing her like this made me think of how she must have felt while watching me fall to pieces those nine months of pregnancy alone. She couldn't do what I needed, but she tried. And that's all I could have ever asked for.

I tip toed over to the little bedroom we were starting to set up for Ari when we moved in. I gently put her down on the mattress that sprawled out on the floor, kissing her head before sliding out of the room and into the kitchen to join Harry.
He greeted me with a warm smile, filling my heart with happiness and memories. I sat next to him on the couch and took the tea he had made for me. "Two milk, one sugar?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. He nodded, "Yes ma'am. I haven't forgotten... Sometimes I catch myself making Stacey's tea like that, when really she doesn't take sugar at all." he smirked to himself, but it looked more of a disappointed smirk than a pleased one. 

I looked down at my tea, thinking about what to say. "Harry..." he looked up but I just bit my lip, unsure of how to word any questions I thought I may have.

"I'm sorry for leaving." I finally said, but more of whispered. Luckily he heard me and looked up, giving me a faint smile. "Thank you for coming back." was all he said before placing his tea on the coffee table and looking into my eyes with pure passion. A passion I haven't seen in years.

"I had so many plans for us, Maeve. So many plans for the family we'd one day make together," I tried to look away but his hand caught my chin. 
"I was going to make it. With me and the boys. We were going to make something of ourselves. But I wanted to do that with you, I wanted to be there with you while your stomach got bigger and I wanted to be there when Ari was born. I should have been, I should have chased after you. Maeve, I knew something was wrong but I was such a fucking asshole, I let you slip away. I should be the one that's sorry." Harry had utterly taken my breath away.

His cheeks were red and his eyes gleamed with fury. I shook my head, reaching up to cup his hand in my face. My eyes locked on his. This was the moment I had been wanting for two years. The door that begged to be opened, I couldn't back out now.

"I never, ever stopped loving you." Is all I could say before my desires got ahead of me and I leaned in, pressing my lips full force to his. 
At first he tried to resist but within seconds he gave in and knew what felt right. He kissed me back, leaning into me so I fell into the sofa. His body surrounded mine, hands searching my body and tugging at my jean zipper and button.

Soon enough our shirts were off and not much longer after they hit the floor, our pants followed. He sat me up, my legs wrapping around his waist. "What about Stacey?" I mumbled into his lips. He stopped and looked at me. I regretted it instantly. "You're my soul mate, Maeve. My forever." my cheeks flushed and I kissed him again, starting up the make out session that was paused. "Fuck her." I giggled into his mouth and he chuckled back, vibrating my compressed lips.

Harry carried us quietly into Bennie- and once Jordan's- bedroom, slamming me down onto the bed and rubbing his hands on every inch of my burning body. I had craved his touch for so long and finally every nerve ending was bursting in flames, never wanting this to end.

Buried memories of our first night together came to mind, with every touch and kiss a new memory popped up. It brought a content feeling to me, letting me know that things would one day be back to where they were supposed to be and perhaps tonight was the start of something amazing. Or maybe the continuation of something amazing that was once paused for a period of healing and growing up.



My naked body snuggled into Harry's. Our legs twined together, cold toes and prickly hairs tickled my ankles. I smiled at the look of his tangled curls and tired green eyes.
"Did I tire you out?" I winked. He looked at me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me close. "You've still got mad game." I let out a loud laugh, but his hand covered my mouth, not wanting to wake Ari or Bennie.

We laid in silence, looking at each other. Things were feeling right, they were finally falling into place. "I never stopped loving you either." He said at random, I scrunched my nose up, allowing the feeling of completion to fill the hole in my heart. 

I was getting that piece of me back. 

"Does that mean... You and Stacey..." I tried to put it into words, but Harry just nodded. "I've been an idiot for too long, Maeve. You and Ari are where I should be. Not with some bitch supermodel who doesn't even want me with my band." I listened as Harry explained the situation with Stacey and One Direction. 

Stacey had been putting insane amounts of pressure on him to quit the band and soon all four boys picked up on it. This caused conflict and tension, many times they had nearly broken up but it was Niall who would usually pull everyone back together, preaching about friendship and sitting them down to force them to watch old X-Factor diaries. 

"I used to watch those when I was pregnant," I giggled. He smiled down at me, playing with a few strands of my hair. 
"When do you plan on telling the band?" I asked, smiling at him. He shrugged, "Ari's birthday party is in a few days, so maybe I'll tell them then."

"You should really bring them, I'd love for Ari to meet her uncles." I assumed that was the role he wanted them to play.
"Uncles? I like it." He nodded and took in the thought, accepting it positively. 
"Well, tomorrow I have to go back home and collect my things. It'll be messy so it might take some time," 
"Just bring your things over when you're ready. Tomorrow was the day I was going to move in anyway, Bennie wants me to come in early after what happened tonight." I thought about my heart broken sister, sleeping on the couch upstairs.

I felt bad, fallen back in love with my high school sweetheart and father of my child. Plus having sex in her bed... Maybe I'd leave that part out when I explained to her what happened after she passed out.

"I promise, I'll never let you go again." Harry took my hand and kissed it. Then he looked down at my hand, finding the promise ring still sitting on my finger.
"I can't believe it," he gasped, sliding it off of my ring finger and into the palm of his hand.

He studied the ring and was amazed that I still had it. "I found it the other day. You should see all the Polaroids I found!" we sat up and I quietly moved down stairs to my bag, digging around in my purse until I found the photos.

Harry and I sat naked, wrapped in the bed sheet looking at the photos I had luckily found. "This was our Christmas Semi!" he chuckled. 
He handed my the photo and I laughed, Harry's hair was styled up like the hair he now rocks today. His little black suit and bow tie made him look so handsome.

"I loved that dress on you," He pointed out my baby pink strapless gown, I nearly gagged at my semi-wavy hair and light, powdery makeup. The dress fit tight, my boobs spilling out the top. Now I understood why he liked it so much.

There were photos from random rainy days or days near Christmas where we huddled around his Christmas tree or were snuggled under the blankets at my house. 
We even found a photo of Harry and I at his audition. His grey cardigan and pale green scarf bringing back fond memories of helping him pick out an outfit.

He dropped the photos to his knee's and looked at me with the same signature smile and dimples I had been begging to have love me since we had began talking again. 

"Forever." he reached for my hand and brought it up to his mouth, leaving kisses along the top of my hand.

I leaned in, kissing him gently. But of course, Harry deepened such an innocent peck. Before I could protest we were back on Bennie's bed, sprawled around each other, groaning and moaning at the littlest touches. It felt like we were teenagers again, even thought we were only nineteen. 

I felt like we were sneaking around trying not to get caught.

But as much as I hate to say it, round two with Harry was a blast. And so was round three and four...

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