One night.
That's all it took.
But she'd never tell him.
Because he was living his dream.
And she was at home raising her daughter.
Their daughter.
"So Harry, do you want kids?" the interviewer pressed, hoping to unlock a new rumor. Harry shrugged, pinning his bottom lip between his thumb and index finger.
"Yeah, eventually." Ari let out a little squeal, almost as if she were pleased with his answer.
"Daddy!" she called, turning to laugh at me.
"Ari, shh!" I tried hushing her, but it was too late. the band turned to face us, Ari began waving. I guess my shield behind the curtain wouldn't work after all. Harry's face went white, eyes wide and he stood up, storming out of the interview, leaving the rest of the boys to stare at us in curiosity


8. Chapter 8

"Harry that's it! She's fucking insane!" I tried my best to lean away from him, extending my arm to keep the phone out of his reach but his large hands and muscular arms were to much for my weak frame.

He snatched the phone away and pitched it across the yard, my jaw dropped when he looked back at me and i noticed the tiny tears prickling at his cheeks.

"Stop, crying." I whispered. 
He shook his head, "I'm so sorry. This wasn't my intention." he stepped back and pulled Stacey into his car, he obviously didn't care about me seeing because once the door shut they began screaming at each other.

The faint curse's and insults echoed through the car doors but I walked back into the house and cradled my sobbing daughter.

She sat in my arms, crying into my shoulder as I rocked her. Her sobs brought tears to my eyes, knowing what she had just witnessed could had been easily avoided.

"What am I gonna do with daddy?" I whispered into her hair. And then I remembered the phone, throwing it was completely unnecessary but he was so worried I'd call the cops.

I walked outside to collect my phone, looking around to make sure no one had seen. I knew a few neighbors had taken a peak because doors were opening and closing the whole time. I just prayed that the paps hadn't heard.

Harry and I were both cautious when it came to bringing Ari into the media, we knew they would do anything in their power to make a profit, even if it meant hurting a little girl.

"Do you wanna go see auntie?" I asked, thinking about how I hadn't seen Bennie in days. I was due to move out soon so I should go and have a visit.

I called her cell phone and she happily answered, "You up for a visit, Ben?" I asked and she squealed into the receiver. 

"Mhm, yeah come on over!" I smiled, "You would not believe what just happened, Bennie." 



"So she just came up and punched you?!" Bennie poured more tea into my cup and plopped a few sugar cubs into the boiling liquid. 
"Yeah! I don't even know what happened! I was so fucking pissed." I looked over my shoulder to make sure Ari was in the living room.

"Are you still moving in on Monday?" she asked and I nodded. "If that's still okay." 
"Of course, but... Me and Jordan have been going through some shit right now, so I'm sorry if there's any fighting."

"What's going on?" I sat up straighter, peeking over at Jordan who was texting on his phone.
"I... I think he's been cheating on me." she bit her lip and continued, "He's always on that phone and won't let me see it at all." 

"Sneak it?" I recommended but she shrugged, "It's always on him and he has a lock. Maeve, we haven't had sex in a month..." I nearly choked on my tea.

"What the hell? You guys were sex machines when you first got together, mum took your door off when she first found out, remember?" Bennie burst into laughter, earning a dirty look from Jordan.

She stopped laughing, her face dropped and her sad eyes looked into mine with complete depression. "I miss him, Mae." 

I thought about it. The worst kind of way to miss someone was when they were right beside you. No matter where I was after I left Holmes Chapel, I missed Harry. The thought of happiness without him or the memories of walking for hours in the early hours of the summer days with him. I missed him.

But sometimes you miss the memories. Not the person. And for months I tried to convince myself that was the case, but when I came to realize that wasn't it at all it was as if someone ripped something from me. Harry took apart of me with him and he wouldn't give it back.

We were meant to be together in some distant place, the ripped and broken pieces of our lives were mending together but there was still a space in which was empty. 

But the scariest part was... I didn't know how to deal with it.

Looking at him took me back to places I couldn't compare to anything else. I had to agree with Bennie. Even if Harry was standing right next to me, inches from my lips. I missed him.


"Why don't we get outta here? Gemma is dying to see Ari and I wanna tell her about what happened." Bennie wiped the tears that had now begin to fall. I picked up Ari and we left without saying goodbye to Jordan.

Gemma was more than happy to see us, she cheered when Ari lifted her arms out for her to hold her and I couldn't have been more pleased with the little family I was developing.
"What brings you three lovely ladies here?" she smiled, bringing us into her hotel room. We sat on the bed, watching as she folded and packed her things into a suit case.
"Gemma, are you leaving?" I frowned.
"Babe, I have to go back to Cheshire. Mum and me have work and other things to tend too. But we'll be back for Christmas." 

Ari looked over at the bathroom door just as Anne strutted out, "Oh! Hello princess!" she cooed and scooped up the little toddler from the ground. 

"Nan!" she mumbled and Anne's eyes lit up.
"What brings you to the hotel? Is everything alright?" a look of concern covered her face. Anne felt the tension, she was always able to.

She always knew when Harry and I were fighting or when she had just walked in on something heated that we had to quickly pull away from.
She wouldn't hesitate to smack Harry over the head or shoot me a scornful look that I had memorized in my head.

"It's Harry..." I began. Both of the Styles women's heads shot up. "Is everything okay?" Anne pressed, bouncing Ari lightly on her knee.

"Yes, yes! It's... It's his girlfriend." I looked up at Bennie who was shaking her head. 
"Harry took Ari today and he was with Stacey. After what happened at the restaurant, I don't think it's a good idea for Ari to be around her... So I told Harry and-"

"She's such a dirty whore, Harry tried to convince me she was a Victoria's Secret model but I've met those girls and they're so much classier than that trash bag." Gemma scolded, but her fowl language made Anne jump.

"Gemma Styles! Your niece is right in front of you!" My stomach fluttered at the thought of Anne calling Ari a niece to her daughter.

"Harry must have told her what I said because she came up and punched me right in the face!" With that Gemma growled and marched over to the light switch, turning on every light in the room. "Lemme see," she studied my cheek and gasped.

"Little bit-" Gemma flashed Anne a smile before finishing. "We'll leave it at that... Bit.." I giggled.

"Maeve, she left a bad bruise. I'm definitely talking to Harry about this. Because I don't want her around my niece either."

Anne nodded in agreement, "No woman like that is going to be around my grand daughter. I lost you and her once, I won't risk losing you both again over a little fling."

The back up and support I got from these three beautiful women were insane. Gemma, Anne and Bennie were such amazing people and I knew if I needed anything they'd be there. The feeling of pure bliss they left me with after every date we had was so angelic, I begged for it more often.

I needed pick me ups more than anything recently and I knew with their love and support it would get better and soon maybe, just maybe, the piece of me that Harry took would fill itself up.

I fiddled with my ring finger, Gemma looked down and noticed the tiny silver hoop. "Is that-" I stood up, smiling. "Wanna cover this bruise for me?" 

We walked into the bathroom and shut the door. "I found it. Along with a few other photos of us in high school," we both half smiled and she took my hand in hers, admiring the faded ring that sat so perfectly on my bony left hand.

"He spent so much money on this ring... He worked so many extra hours at that bakery to buy this for you..." Gemma looked up, red cheeks and dazzling smile. Her dimples like her brother... And her niece.

"You still love him, don't you?" I wouldn't look at her, which was indication enough.

"He was my first everything... No one can compare to him, Gemma. I love him so much." I leaned in and hugged her, feeling insanely happy I had Gemma back. 

"I'll call him because we need to talk about Stacey. Mum and I will sort this out..." she promised me that she would protect Ari for as long as she lived and that was something I knew Anne would work hard for as well. 



The car ride home was full of laughs and talking about memories from our past. "I remember, when you were pregnant..." Bennie's sentence trailed off when she opened the door to her house.

There was Jordan, standing tall with his arms wrapped around a half naked girl, lips pressed together, hands all over.

She shrieked and I backed out, not sure how to react. "What the fuck?!"

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