One night.
That's all it took.
But she'd never tell him.
Because he was living his dream.
And she was at home raising her daughter.
Their daughter.
"So Harry, do you want kids?" the interviewer pressed, hoping to unlock a new rumor. Harry shrugged, pinning his bottom lip between his thumb and index finger.
"Yeah, eventually." Ari let out a little squeal, almost as if she were pleased with his answer.
"Daddy!" she called, turning to laugh at me.
"Ari, shh!" I tried hushing her, but it was too late. the band turned to face us, Ari began waving. I guess my shield behind the curtain wouldn't work after all. Harry's face went white, eyes wide and he stood up, storming out of the interview, leaving the rest of the boys to stare at us in curiosity


7. Chapter 7


I pulled the car up into the drive way, trying my best to put it in park without having Ari's head bob around. 

The whole ride here she just looked at me. Silently studying my every move. At first I thought she hated me, but when I shot her a willing smile she returned it, one tooth and all. 

I expected her to cry. Scream. Beg for Maeve, but she did neither. She just sat in her car seat, either looking out the window or at me. But she wouldn't look at Stacey... She'd turn her head if my girl friend even tried to smile at her.

"She hates me." Stacey frowned, watching me pull her out of her car seat and into my arms. 
"No, no, honey. She just doesn't know you."
"She doesn't know you either." she shot back. 

I stopped in my tracks, but brushed it off. 

"When are you going to tell the boys?" Stacey stood in front of me, unlocking our somewhat-shared-flat. "Soon... But not right now. Things are tight." 

"Ah!" Ari smiled, wiggling out of my arms and onto the floor. She crawled around until she found where she wanted to sit. "Here's some toys, sweets." I handed her a teddy bear and watched her hold it tightly.

She looked so much like me, why didn't Maeve stay? We had so many plans. I always promised I'd be there when we finally decided to have kids. I'd want a copy of every ultra sound and when the time finally came I'd be at her beck and call just to make sure labor wasn't harder than it already came to be.

Ari's tiny little curls bounced as she shook the bear, her heart shaped lips mimicked her mothers, right down to the perfect cupids bow. 

But when Ari looked up and met my eyes, it was like she was my mirror. Ovals of bright green and mile long lash's. 

I loved her mother so much. When she left, she took a part of me. Little did I know, that part was Ari. But now that I have her back I still feel like something is missing.

"Do they still want you to stay in the band?" my fantasy's were ripped apart when Stacey's voice came into ear pitch.

She handed me a beer, "Hm? Yeah," I looked at the bottle. "Stacey, I'm with my daughter. I'm not drinking." I handed the beer back to her and she gave me a look of disgust. 

"You're still nineteen... She's like not even a year old, she won't know anything!" 
"But I have to be responsible, my life is changed now. I'm a father." I watched as Stacey stood up and brought my beer back. 

"I doubt she even knows who you are." she called from the kitchen.

I looked over at Ari again. She played with the few toys Maeve had packed for me. 

She knew who I was. Stacey was wrong. She wasn't there when I first met Ari... She called out for me. She practically climbed my leg for affection.


"Come here, baby girl." I leaned over, picking the tiny girl up and leaning her into my chest. "Dadadada." she sang, making me smile. "That's right Ari, Dada." my eyes jolted with tears.

I thought about meeting Maeve. We ended up having a locker next to each other in year eleven. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her long brown hair waved all the down to her bum and she had such a tiny little figure and big hazel eyes. Even after having a baby she was still just as fragile. 

But she was so big while she pregnant, while looking at how tiny Ari was, I wondered how it was possible. Little did Maeve know, while she was putting Ari to bed, I snuck a look at her pregnancy photos. 

Her bulging tummy was so massive compared to her stick like legs. She looked so glowing, holding her stomach close to her as if it would fall off.


But then after thinking about the memories I made with the mother of my child, I look back at Stacey. The tall, blonde, model I had met at a gig in America.

She was all over me and I can admit I was the same with her. I was wasted by the time we got back to the hotel, but sober enough to know what I was doing.

I should have listened to Zayn when he told me I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I kicked him out of our room and begged him to sleep with Niall that night while I had sex with Stacey.

The paps found out and we had been an item ever since. Not a happy one though. She's begged me to leave the band, but I love those boys too much.
Telling her about Ari and Maeve was worse. She demanded a DNA test but I knew something so innocent had to be mine. She was my twin. 

I knew Maeve would never lie about such a thing. I knew deep down Maeve loved me, an idiot could see that. 

I should have kissed her.
No. I shouldn't have.

I wanted to so bad but it would have been so wrong. So illegal.

I had a girlfriend and I was still mad at her for doing what she did, even thought I still have dreams of making love to her over and over again.

I'd love so bad to start a family with her the proper way. Maybe have a son this time.






"Alright, here she is." I happily handed over the bouncing baby to Maeve.
"Thank you." she replied flatly. 
"Are you okay?" a wave of anger hit me, her eyes pierced through my own.

"Harry... Is that your girlfriend?" I turned around and nodded, afraid of what could happen if I dared lie.
"Harry... I don't want her around Ari." my heart skipped.
"Because I don't know her... And after what happened that night at the restaurant... Ari's just getting to know you, I don't want her overwhelmed." 

I shook my head, "But you're okay with my mum coming around?" I was in disbelief, she was being such a bitch.
"Harry, Anne is Ari's nana. That's different. When Stacey proves to me that she can handle our daughter than she can come around."

I shook my head and marched off to my car, slamming the door when I finally got in. Stacey had her arm draped around me by the time I had time to shout out the whole situation.

But before I could stop her, she was out and marching up Maeve's stairs.

I had let myself calm down when I saw what was about to happen. I was an idiot, I over reacted. Maeve had all the reason in the world to do what she did. "Stacey, no!"

Her fist was folded and she plowed her hard knuckles into Maeve's cheek, Ari sitting behind her, watching.

When Maeve hit the ground, Ari let out a screech.

It took me nearly a half hour to keep Stacey in the car... And Maeve from calling the police.

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