One night.
That's all it took.
But she'd never tell him.
Because he was living his dream.
And she was at home raising her daughter.
Their daughter.
"So Harry, do you want kids?" the interviewer pressed, hoping to unlock a new rumor. Harry shrugged, pinning his bottom lip between his thumb and index finger.
"Yeah, eventually." Ari let out a little squeal, almost as if she were pleased with his answer.
"Daddy!" she called, turning to laugh at me.
"Ari, shh!" I tried hushing her, but it was too late. the band turned to face us, Ari began waving. I guess my shield behind the curtain wouldn't work after all. Harry's face went white, eyes wide and he stood up, storming out of the interview, leaving the rest of the boys to stare at us in curiosity


6. Chapter 6

"Promise me something?" Harry leaned in, his curls surrounding my head. I lay across from him, our heads side by side. 

"Anything." I smiled, looking at his angelic features. His cheeky grin extended into something serious. 
"Promise me that no matter what happens tomorrow, you'll always be my girl?" he reached for my hand, I happily locked our fingers and place, looking down at how much larger his were compared to my own.

"Always," I promised, leaning in for a kiss. But he paused. "Forever?" he looked at me, not a single inch of his body could show me he was joking. 

"That's a long time, Harry." I tried to pinch a smile from his poker face, but nothing happened. "I'm willing to spend it with you." he caressed my face with his two hands, leaving my numb hands to try and keep themselves warm.

"Forever." I blinked, shoving my hands into his hoodie pocked and snuggling up to his chest, where I eventually fell asleep.

My eyes shot open. My heart was warm and my hands... They were buried in my own hoodie pocket. I sat up, rubbing my tired eyes before looking over at my clock.

It was 5AM. I groaned, slamming my body back into the lumpy mattress. Ever since Harry and I had almost kissed, I had been having flashbacks about our teen years... Our younger teen years.

The latest dream was the night before X Factor. The night before Harry and I would eventually find ourselves wrapped around each other's naked bodies on top of a twin bed at his parents cottage. 

A funny tale that I have been trying to burn for the past few years. 

After deciding I couldn't fall back asleep, I sat up and decided to continue packing. The next week would consist of moving out of the flat and into Bennie's house. 

Ari was teething and grumpy, which made it a lot harder. I considered cancelling Harry's first visit this weekend, knowing the last thing he wanted was to spend time with his screaming daughter. 

I don't doubt Harry would be a good father, but I do doubt that he'd know what to do.

I leaned down and picked up a few articles of clothing, folding my shirts and gently placing them into a small bag. 

Just as I picked up a little box that was tucked in the corner under my bed, it fell open. My jaw dropped when a few Polaroid photos were piled over one another. 

I knelled down, searching through them. Tears jerked to the corners of my eyes when a few pictures of my parents and I popped up. Some were from my sixteenth birthday and others from past Christmas'. 

"Oh shit," a few photos slipped from my hands. I stood up and stepped back when I saw what they were. They were photos of Harry and I, wrapped in each other's embrace.

A few were of Harry and I kissing lightly, but the one that got me the most was hidden behind a photo of Harry smiling up at the camera, showing off those silly dimples.

It was my pregnant tummy. It wasn't very big but it was noticeable. My hands were cradling the tiny lump in my stomach. The only thing in the photo that stood out more than my tummy was the ring slid on my wedding finger.

The promise ring.

And as if on cue, there was the ring. Still nestled in the wooden box, taunting me to be worn once again. 

I bent over to pick up the tiny silver ring. A pea sized pearl dazzled the middle of the hoop, bringing back memories from when Harry had given it to me.

We were wrapped in the sheets of the twin bed, quiet and some what shocked about what had just happened moments ago. Without saying a word he leaned down beside the bed and came back up, sliding the ring on my finger.

"Forever, right?" is all he had to say. 

Forever was always on mind for me. It was never over.

"Good morning, princess!" I cheered, skipping into Ari's room. She rubbed the back of her hand against her mouth, her lower lip curling up at the contact.

"Mummaaa!" she began to sob, my heart shattered watching her become so upset. "Baby girl..." I walked over, scooping her up and soothing her cries.

We walked into the kitchen, pushing box's aside and I prepared her breakfast.

I lifted Ari into the high chair and sat the cereal in front of her. 

"Eat up, sweets." 

My phone vibrated and Harry's name popped up. I slid over and grabbed it off the table, reading the text.

'Could I take Ari today for a bit? I think it would be good for her to get to know me a bit better before Saturday.' I smirked and looked up at Ari. 

"Dad!" she cooed. A smirk fluttered on my lips, I knew I couldn't say no.

'Sure, come pick her up in an hour?' we agreed and he soon showed up.

The chilly fall air wafted into the room when I opened the door, Harry's red nosed and pale figured leaned against the door frame.

"Hey," he winked. 
Ari cheered from behind me, his face lighting up when he saw her playing in the corner with the few toys I have left out.

"If you need anything, don't hesitate to call. I'll be here all day," I smiled, picking her up and handing her over to Harry.

I expected a scream or a whine, but she easily nestled into Harry's chest as he shrugged her coat onto her tiny body.

"Here's the diaper bag and- Oh! She's teething so if she gets any pain or gets fussy, give her this," I slid a tiny bottle of Children's Advil into the side pocket of her hot pink diaper bag.

He looked at it and then up at me. "This isn't going to be easy... Is it?" my eyes narrowed, "Her?" I wasn't sure if he was talking about raising Ari or... Us.

"Mhm," I licked my lips and smiled, thinking his confused fatherly ways was strangely cute. "Raising a baby is hard, Harry. I did it alone for nearly two years." He nodded and went to turn away.

Just as I was about to close the door, I watched Ari wave to me. Tears pricked at my eyes, she was so content with him. 

"Oh! Harry!" he turned, eyes wide. "Ari's birthday is in the next two weeks... You're invited to the party if you want to come..." he nodded, "Thank you."

He slid Ari into the car seat in the back seat of his range rover, occasionally looking over his shoulder to make sure no paparazzi were around. 

Happiness filled my body, knowing my little girl was going to get the life I had always wanted to give her.

But my positive emotional melted when I saw who was in the front seat.


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