One night.
That's all it took.
But she'd never tell him.
Because he was living his dream.
And she was at home raising her daughter.
Their daughter.
"So Harry, do you want kids?" the interviewer pressed, hoping to unlock a new rumor. Harry shrugged, pinning his bottom lip between his thumb and index finger.
"Yeah, eventually." Ari let out a little squeal, almost as if she were pleased with his answer.
"Daddy!" she called, turning to laugh at me.
"Ari, shh!" I tried hushing her, but it was too late. the band turned to face us, Ari began waving. I guess my shield behind the curtain wouldn't work after all. Harry's face went white, eyes wide and he stood up, storming out of the interview, leaving the rest of the boys to stare at us in curiosity


16. Chapter 16

"Harry Styles has just been spotting, carrying a random girl out of the hospital into the limo he had ordered for them. But get this! They're apparently dating and she has a baby! Our insider says, "The two were high school sweethearts but she left him when she found out they were pregnant. He never knew until a few months ago." That's insane! Harry's a daddy!" the TMZ crew all bursts into laughter, shooting womanizer jokes back and forth to each other about Harry. 
I clenched the remote tightly, not pleased with the program. I couldn't handle listening any longer and shut the TV off just as Harry walked in with Ari in his arms. 

"What are you watching, love?" he smiled, setting Ari down to play. She stood up and carefully walked around her toys. I smiled and looked up at him, but his eyes were fixated on her.
"TMZ, they're having so much fun with our little announcement." he shook his head, clearly a little rattled. 

"It doesn't even matter, babe. We move in tomorrow and we can start fresh, a new house, new baby, new life. Just you, me, Ari and our little one." he cuddled in next to me, rubbing my stomach.
"I hope so." I overlapped his hand with mine, rubbing my thumb against his skin.


This week had been bitter sweet, we were moving tomorrow which was exciting but when the paps found out about Harry, Ari and I, they went nuts. 
We've seen so many lies or ridiculous magazine covers plastered all over the UK and most likely in America as well. 

"Harry Styles Baby Mama"
"Harry Styles A Dad"
"They're Pregnant Again!"
"Teen Parents!"

When they got photos of us, they went crazy but when they got hold of the Instagram photo Harry had posted, they caught right on.
Everyone wants a photo of all of us together, they want ultrasounds and high school sweetheart stories, all they want is a rich tale to sell to the public. 

I was terrified for the well being of Ari, knowing that soon enough she would have to face the hectic groups of paps and crazed fans. I just hope she'll be okay when the time comes around.

Harry gripped my hand and smiled at me, sensing my fear, "We're going to make it."




That night, Harry and I lie in bed, struggling to fall asleep. Our foreheads were touching, our whole bodies fitting together like matching puzzle pieces. "I'm going to prove myself to you." he whispered from out of no where.
I raised my eyebrow, "Prove yourself?" he nodded, sitting up on his elbow, his body towered over mine, even lying down. 

"I'm going to prove I'm a good father. I wasn't here for Ari. But I'm here now." I shook my head. "Harry, you've already proven that. These past two months have been amazing. I love you so much, you're my forever, remember?" he smiled, but it wasn't convincing.
"Harry, you not being in Ari's life was my own fault-" 
"No it wasn't. I was a selfish ass. Maeve, when I lost you, I lost everything and I don't wanna do that again, babe." I cupped his face in mine, and smiled. "You never will." 

Eventually we fell asleep wrapped in each others arms, dreaming of happiness and a new life that was just hours away.




"MOVING DAY!" Niall shouted from behind our bedroom door. We could also hear Ari banging her fists on the door, copying Niall. 
I groaned, turning over to face Harry who was wide awake. "You ready?" he asked in a sexy morning voice. I nodded but I really wasn't sure if I was.


The whole morning was filled with driving back and forth, ordering the movers to go pick things up and where to put the new furniture. 
Harry had gone all out buying new appliances and furniture. He even planned on having an interior designer come in to specially design Ari and the babies bedrooms when we found out the gender. "Pink is fine for now..." he smirked. "But leopard print is how it's going to go." I giggled, liking the idea.

"Take those couches into the living room and hook the TV up right above the fireplace." Harry pointed to all different directions, politely showing movers where to go and what to do. 
I sat on the staircase with Ari on my knee, desperately wanting to help out. But Harry wouldn't allow it. "I don't want you to fall," he explained to me when I tried to lift a box.
I was flattered but I really wanted to help set up my house. 

"Where do you want this, babe?" he pointed to a large photo that I didn't recognize. I looked at it, trying to think of where we got it or who's it was. "Is that the Instagram photo you took last night?" I gasped.
He smiled wide, nodding. "I sent Danielle to get it blown up this morning." he winked. I thanked Danielle for being so kind to us but she just smiled, saying it was nothing. 

I began to feel very hot, even though it was -4 outside and nearly December. I looked over at Harry, "I'm going outside. It's getting really hot in here." I stood up and pulled on Ari's jacket and then my own.
"Liam would you go with her?" he nodded and followed me out.
"Why does he want you to come with me? I'm fine." I said in an annoyed tone that I did not mean at all. 
"Because of the paps. They're surrounding your gate." I looked over at the new black gate Harry had put in last week. It was password controlled and blocked out the paps.

I blinked, feeling very anxious. Liam looked down at me, seeing my panicky face. "You'll be okay, within the next few weeks it'll die down." he tried to reassure me but I didn't believe him.

I stood in our front yard, letting Ari walk around. Liam kept her from wandering too far and I kept her from falling. 
He was such a great guy, as much as Ari loved Niall, she had a special spot for her Uncle Liam as well. He and Danielle would always bring over gifts that she really didn't need.

Unfortunately, the toy room we had planned was now being occupied for her upcoming sibling. But Harry promised to add an addition on by her next birthday. 

Liam and I continued to play with Ari when we heard a shout from inside the house. Our heads shot to face the door and find Zayn on the ground. 
"Zayn! Are you okay?" I called, hoping he was okay.

Perrie was laughing but helping him up, "He's fine! Just went ass-over-tea-kettle trying to carry a heavy box down the steps by himself."
Liam bent over in hysterics, I looked over to laugh with him, when I noticed Ari was by the gate, camera's flashing in her face, causing her to fall over and burst into tears.

"Ari!" I shouted, running towards her. Liam followed and pushed the paps out of her face. I scooped her up and looked over at all of the men shoving cameras in our faces and shouting questions or insults towards us.

"Enough! Please respect their privacy! She's only two years old, guys, holy shit!" Liam cursed at them, trying to get them to back away from the gate.


Ari cried into my shoulder, calling out for her daddy. I turned to walk back into the house when Harry showed up behind me, heading full speed towards the gate.
"Harry, no!" Louis yelled, but Harry was hanging over the gate grabbing a pap by the collar of the shirt and pulling him close.

"Get that fucking camera out of my baby girls face before I knock you into next week. You stay away from my family, do you understand?" my heart skipped a beat, watching Harry fold his fist and attempt to punch the man in his hands.
Zayn grabbed Harry's shoulders and pulled him away, the cameras flashing faster than they were when Ari came around.

"Here, let me take her." Niall took Ari from my arms and I ran over to Harry who was bucking and cursing. I wrapped my arms around his chest and his arms went limp, falling from the boys grips, hugging me tightly.
"We're okay, Harry. We're okay." I looked at him, walking him backwards to the house, successfully moving him inside the house without him trying to get back to the gate.
His eyes were on mine, nothing broke us. In that moment it was just us, that's it. 

When everyone was inside, Louis closed the door behind us, taking a deep breath of relief. We all looked at each other and then at Harry.
"Harry?" I asked quietly. He looked down at me through his eye lashes. "He knocked Ari over." he said so quietly that I doubt anyone else heard.

"I know, Harry." there was no way I could defend the paps. They knocked over a two year old and there was absolutely no logical excuse for that.
But I just hugged him tightly and hoped he'd calm down a little.


The rest of the day, Harry was quiet, moving things around and helping out like nothing had happened. I could tell he was a bit shaken up about the whole situation but every time we'd lock eyes he'd wink at me, causing me to giggle.
I was back on the stairs, Ari asleep in my arms. Perrie sat next to me, watching Harry and I make faces at each other from across the room.

"You two are so in love. Just two kids so much in love." I smiled, thinking about the fact that I was only eighteen and Harry was only nineteen. 
"You know, today when you brought Harry to the house after he tried to hit that pap... Those things don't work for us." I looked at her, confused. "What things?"

"When Harry is angry, no one can calm him down. He has to calm down himself. He loves you, Maeve. He's crazy in love with you. The way you just got him to move by looking at him and talking to him, that shit doesn't work with Harry. But with you... with you it did." I tried to piece together what she was saying, but I didn't get it.

"Maeve, when you move, he moves. You have a piece of him. Harry Styles is in love with you in every sense of the word." my eyes narrowed, smiling at the thought of being loved everywhere. He loved me, I didn't doubt that, but every inch of me being loved, every stupid and quirky thing being loved, it almost wasn't real.


Later that night when everyone was gone and Ari was fast asleep in her new room, I sat on Harry's lap, trying to get him back to his normal self.
"What happened today won't happen again." I reassured him, but he didn't believe me. "Tomorrow I'm going to be in loads of trouble with my management... The fans are going to think I've lost it and they'll blame you." his face dropped in his hands.

"My darling, you're mine. That's all that matters. We know the truth and you can easily correct this in your interview next week." he nodded, remembering his interview.

"I love you." I kissed his cheek and he looked at me, a sly smile spreading across his face. I looked at him with questioning eyes, but he just stood up and threw me over his shoulder.
I squealed, "Shh! Don't wake Ari!" I nodded, putting my hand over my mouth.

He walked us upstairs to our new bedroom and gently leaned me down on the bed. He sat himself atop of me, careful not to sit on my stomach.
"You know, sex drives are quite common during pregnancy." he winked. I rolled my eyes, looking at him and saying with a sarcastic tone, "Too bad I don't have one." 

He growled, kissing my forehead, then my nose, moving to my lips and down my neck. He proceeded to kiss my chest and moving down my belly, earning little moans that escaped my mouth. He stopped at my belly button, looking up at me.

I smiled at him, adoring his green eyes and cheeky dimples. He dug in his back pocket and pulled out a red velvet box, setting it on my hardening tummy. 
Where he set the box helped me find where my stomach was bulging. 

I covered my mouth, at the fact that I was growing and that I didn't want to trick myself into believing he was purposing.

"Maeve, you are my forever. I always knew you were the one. From our school dances to our first night together in my parents cabin. I'm so happy we found our way back to each other. You are and always will be my dream. You've given me a beautiful daughter and soon to be another baby. I will prove myself to you as a father and a husband... Only if you'll let me. I love you. Will you marry me?" his eyes went glossy and I knew this was for real. 

I hiccuped trying to respond, so I nodded, afraid to wake Ari if I tried to speak any more. He smiled wide, sliding the tiny silver band and single diamond ring onto my finger. 
He slid his arms around me, picking me up to sit on his knee. He deepened our kiss, dropping me on my back and climbing on top of me.

It didn't last long before our bodies were colliding and he was nudging at my core. His hands glided along my body, tickling my thighs and my rib cage.
His lips found every soft spot on my body. Every time he made his way back up to me, he'd plant a kiss on my lips and wrap his hand around my left, so he could kiss the ring and then a soft spot under my ear.

No matter how much I bucked or pleaded, his teasing went on before he allowed himself in, giving me full pleasure and content. 


Lying in bed afterwards, our bodies a sweaty and tangled mess, half asleep, it made me feel like a young kid in love, lying naked in his parents cabin. The sheets all over the floor and the Christmas lights glistening in the early morning light. 
We didn't sleep that night, we talked about the future and X-Factor, knowing he'd be auditioning soon.

Little did I know the same time his dream would come true, mine would be crushed.

And little did we both know that in time our dreams would come true. Every single one of them.


We were living together, we were starting a family, we were getting married. 

We were forever.

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