One night.
That's all it took.
But she'd never tell him.
Because he was living his dream.
And she was at home raising her daughter.
Their daughter.
"So Harry, do you want kids?" the interviewer pressed, hoping to unlock a new rumor. Harry shrugged, pinning his bottom lip between his thumb and index finger.
"Yeah, eventually." Ari let out a little squeal, almost as if she were pleased with his answer.
"Daddy!" she called, turning to laugh at me.
"Ari, shh!" I tried hushing her, but it was too late. the band turned to face us, Ari began waving. I guess my shield behind the curtain wouldn't work after all. Harry's face went white, eyes wide and he stood up, storming out of the interview, leaving the rest of the boys to stare at us in curiosity


15. Chapter 15


I ran through the hospital, jerking my head left and right hoping to find her sleeping peacefully in one of the thousands of rooms. I wanted to find her safe and healthy. Not with tubes down her throat or needles sticking into her wrists.
But the cruel reality is that in fact is how I found my beautiful girl friend. Wrapped in bandages, blood dried around her nose and tiny nubs sending oxygen into her lungs. 

The nurse's has given me a sympathetic look when they brought me into her little room. She lay limp and pale, monitors beeping and her chest weakly moving up and down.
"No..." the tears burst out of my eyes and soon I was on my knees beside her, her hand tucked into mine.

My head dropped, sobbing into the sheets. Every essence of my being, every corner of my soul was drifting apart. I had never felt such sadness. Not even when I had lost her the first time.

"Um, Mr. Styles?" I looked up, an older doctor came into the room, closing the door behind him. His grey hair was slicked back and his eyes were nearly black.
"Mr. Styles, I'm afraid some paparazzi have found their way into the hospital. We're trying to get the police to escort them off the property but it may take a while."

I nodded, rubbing circled with my thumb along Maeve's hand. "Doctor, would you move her into a private suit?" I asked, trying to act professional and wipe away my tears that were still falling.
"Of course, Mr. Styles." he called over two nurse's and told them to move Maeve into a private suit upstairs. They did so right away and within an hour she was in a queen sized hospital bed.

I sat on a large plush chair, holding Maeve's hand, praying and waiting to see her beautiful eyes again. 
I thought about Ari and I thought about the future. I'd never get to marry her, Ari would never remember her beautiful mother and I would have lost her again. 

I'm so bad at that. Losing her. She comes in like a butterfly but leaves like a hurricane. 
But she is my hurricane and I am equivalent to a thunder storm.

But the paps... They'd have to have pictures and stories. So many people say and recognized me when I was running through the hospital. It was a stupid move, but I had to make sure it she was okay.

Our little fairy tale will be out soon enough. Maybe then I can start taking her on proper dates and show her off to the world. Ari too. 
I could let the fans know how much I love my little family. Letting them see and possibly meet my daughter whom I could never love more than I already do.

I was shaken out of my trance when Maeve let out a tiny whimper. Her blood stained lips opened a little, "Harry," she whispered at such a low tone, I was surprised I heard what she had said.
"Maeve! Maeve, love. Wake up, sweetie." I knelt down, holding her hand and pushing hair from her face. Her eyes slowly opened, revealing little scratches and bruises around her face.

But she was still so perfect.

"Ari..." a tear fell down her cheek. "She's okay, Mae." I smiled, tears forming back in my eyes, threatening to run back down my cheeks.

When her eyes were open fully and she was coming to understand where she was, she smiled at me, her eyes fluttering and adjusting to the lights.
"What happened, Harry?" she asked.
"You were in a car accident, love." my eyes narrowed, hoping I could push out such a memory.
"Where's Ari?" panic began to set in, but I told her to lay down and explained that Ari was with Louis and Eleanor. 

"Zayn and Perrie came home drunk... So I called Louis. She's fine, Maeve." I smiled, rubbing her sore cheek.
"I'm so sorry, Harry." she apologized, but I was confused as to why,
"What for?" my brow furrowed.
She went quiet, shaking her head. "I lost my job, tonight. They think I'm too stressed to handle the rush." I chuckled, shaking my head.

"Harry, it's not funny!" she frowned.
"I'm sorry, Mae. But it's fine. I can take care of us. Let me take care of my family." we squeezed each others hands and she nodded, allowing me to do the only thing I've ever wanted me to do for her.


"Come lay with me." she smiled, moving over to make room for me to crawl in next to her. I pulled the blanket up over us and wrapped my arms around her, drawing circles into her back.
"The paps got in the hospital..." I said slowly, worried for her reaction.
"Did they get any photos?" she asked, eyes wide.
"I'm not sure... But the secret may or may not be out by tomorrow." 
"Perez Hilton will be on this in no time." she giggled.
"And TMZ." I added, making her laugh.


A light knock on the door indicated someone was coming in. "Hello?" a tiny voice called. "Come in!" I replied. 
A little blonde nurse came in with a cart full of fruit, the doctor following her in with a clip board of paper work.

"Thank you, Nancy." he smiled at the nurse who made her own way out.
"So we looked at your X-rays..." he pulled out a page. "Miraculously, you don't have any major injuries. But you do have a broken ankle." Maeve moaned, throwing a hand over her face.

I smiled, rubbing her shoulder. She pulled herself up to listen to the rest of what he has to say.
"It's not a bad sprain, so you shouldn't be off of it for long." he smiled, pulling out another sheet of paper. 

"But... There is more severe issue we have to talk about..." he tensed up, causing my muscles to do the same.

"What's wrong?" she asked, carefully pulling her hair back into a bun. I helped her move the IV tubes away from her tangled hair.
"How many weeks are you?" the doctor asked, pulling out a pen.
"How many weeks for what?" 
"Pregnant. How many weeks pregnant are you?" 
The whole room went silent. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and before I could filter anything, it slipped from my mouth. "Fuck." 

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" I covered my mouth. Maeve's hand slowly reached for mine, her face had gone blank and her eyes were nearly overflowing with tears. "I-I'm pregnant?" she stuttered. 

"Yes, ma'am." the doctor double checked on his paper. "Did you not know?" he seemed concerned. 

"No, sir." we both said. 
"Well, we can get you into an ultra sound right away if you'd like." he smiled and we both agreed.

When he left, Maeve began to cry. Her hands covering her eyes and her sobs shaking her body. "Maeve, love. Don't cry." I rubbed her back, kissing her neck.

"I'm so sorry, Harry. I know you don't want this right now. I never meant for this to happen. I should have been more careful." I shook my head, continuously leaving kisses across her neck.

"We can do this, Maeve. We can handle this. I'll make sure we have everything for this baby. I promise I'll be here for this one. This is is no way your fault. It takes two, Mae." I nuzzled into the crook of her neck, and she leaned her head back, kissing my forehead. 

"I love you."

We were pulled into the ultra sound room, where Maeve was told to lay down on a cold table and expose her belly. Her tiny figure still had a few marks from her first pregnancy, but in no way was there any sign of life growing inside of her.

"Okay, so we're just going to put some blue gel on your tummy. It's going to be cold, okay?" Maeve rolled her eyes. "I've had a baby before." she said, sounding annoyed.

The nurse looked confused and rolled over on her chair to look at the paperwork. "You're eighteen?" she raised an eyebrow and Mae nodded. 
What a bitch. I wanted more than anything to say something but new it was best if I didn't.

The nurse began to spread the gel onto her stomach and moved the wand around until she was pleased with her positioning. "Yep... There's the little baby." she pointed at a tiny speck on the computer screen. 

"By the looks of things... You're only about a month along, maybe a bit less. So we still have time to terminate." the nurse smiled, cleaning off Maeve's stomach.

"Pardon me?" I said, shooting Maeve a shocked look.
Maeve shook her head, sitting up and gripping her belly as if the nurse was going to tear our child from inside of her.

"Well I don't think you guys would want to keep it. You've already got one." she explained, printing out the ultra sound and handing it to me.

I snatched it from her hand and put it neatly in my pocket. "We are more than capable of raising our children, thank you. So unless you have some advice on where I could terminate your nursing licence, I highly suggest you keep your opinions to yourself and go let the doctor know that we are ready to go home as soon as possible." I took a deep breath, the rage inside of me boiling up the more I looked at her.

She huffed and stomped out of the room, leaving Maeve to clean the rest of the gel off of her tummy and me to ponder whether to follow her out and demand she be fired.

I looked at Maeve who just rubbed her flat tummy and began pulling tissues from the box and wiped away excess gel. 
"Here, let me do that." I took the tissue from her and let her lay down, wiping her skin gently, before placing my hand atop of her tummy and smiling. "I love her already." 




Dr. McNeil had told us we could leave whenever we were ready. He had already put a cast on my ankle and had checked my vital signs. 
I was told multiple times that it was a miracle the baby and I had survived. 

I was still in shock at the fact that I was pregnant. I wasn't sure when it could have happened because Harry and I had only been together for nearly two months. 
I couldn't think of when I had conceived because well... We did have a lot of sex.

When it was time for us to go, we tried to think of an easy way to get out without the paps trying to take pictures or get answers to their now formed questions.

As hard as we tried, the entire hospital was surrounded. Harry took a deep breath and looked down at me. I sat in a squeaky wheelchair in Harry's Ed Sheeran sweater and a pair of leggings. I only had one sock on, the other foot was covered in plaster.

My hair was in a terrible bun and my make-up was beginning to run. He just smirked and shook his head, "I guess today's the day." I nodded in agreement, knowing that there was no way to get out of this.

"I guess so." I winked and soon I was in Harry's arms. He carried me bridal style out to the limo, afraid that if I were to be in the wheel chair, I would be crowded.

The paps went nuts, flashing us at every angle, shouting questions from all the way down the street. People from US Weekly, the Toronto Star and of course TMZ were there, taking pictures and begging for an answer.

But Harry carefully made his way to our ride, placing me gently in the back, rubbing my belly when I was buckled in. He slid in and shut the door on every one's face, looking at me and smiling his perfect smile.

"What are we going to tell the boys?" I asked, cuddling into him. He wrapped his arm around me and checked his phone. "Well, by the looks of things, they're all at Zayn's waiting for us." he showed me a picture that Liam had sent him of everyone crowded around Ari smiling. 

"She looks just like you." Looking up at Harry, I felt his hand roam around my tummy. "It's only a sea monkey right now, Harry." I giggled, thinking about having another Harry run around in the new house.
"But she's still my little girl." I rolled my eyes. "How are you so sure that it's a girl?" I personally thought it was a boy, even though it was still very early.

"I'm not sure... I just have a feeling." his cheeks flushed, giving me insane butterflies at the sight of the man who is the father of both my children, finally being able to hep me through everything. 
I promised myself right then and there that I would never take this baby away from him like I did Ari.

We were greeted by smiles and careful hugs when we opened the door to Zayn and Perrie's house. Everyone asked me what had happened and if I was okay.
"So it was a hit and run?" Niall asked, looking up from signing my cast. "Me next!" Louis shouted, taking the Sharpie from him.

"Mhm, they're still looking for whoever did it. They keep saying I'm lucky to me alive." I looked up at Harry, hinting to him that it was time to tell everyone.

"We also have some very exciting news..." His face lit right up, dimples and all. 
"And what might that be?" Louis winked, putting the lid back on the Sharpie.

Harry looked down at me, trying not to laugh. "We're pregnant." the whole room gasped, but soon Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie were all up squealing. They took turns rubbing my stomach and asking how far along I was.

I felt so odd being the only one with kids in the band, Harry was the youngest after all. I couldn't imagine how he felt. 
We had only gotten back together nearly two months ago and were already expanding. Were things going too fast? I had no doubts that we were in love but since the nurse's comment I was having issues accepting the fact that I was eighteen and pregnant with my second baby.


The entire night was filled with congratulations and laughs. The boys tried to feel my stomach but really couldn't find interest in it until it got bigger.
Everyone signed my cast, many X's and O's later, Harry and I were in our room after the party had ended. 

Ari sat beside me on our bed, feeling my tummy as I guided her hand along my belly button. "Baby." she smiled and I clapped.
"That's right, love." Harry smiled.

He pulled out a Sharpie and knelt down to sign the only free spot on my cast. It looked so childish, filled with names and cartoons the boys had drawn.
"What are you doing?" I asked, trying to see what he was writing.
"I haven's signed yet." he smiled.

When he was done, I brought my foot up so I could read it. 

"I love you. Forever and always -H x" I smiled, pulling at the collar of his shirt so he would lean down and give me a kiss.

Harry looked over at the many windows in our room and his eyes lit up, hinting he had just got an idea.
Harry looked at me, and took my hands, helping me stand up. "Stand here." he positioned me by the window.

I was in only leggings and a sports bra, so whatever he was planning was freaking me out. He then picked Ari up and handed her to me. 
"Here, now let me see that belly." I moved Ari's leg so my pregnant, but flat, tummy was showing.

Harry snapped a photo and smiled, taking Ari back and walking her to her room for bed. "Goodnight, Ari. I love you." she kissed me quickly before waving me away for the night.

I lied back down on the bed, flipping through my phone. Something told me to check Instagram, so I opened the app to find the picture Harry had just taken with the caption:

"Finally have my girls. I love my growing family #familystagram" 

I guess now everything was confirmed.

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