The Secret Hiding Another

Riley Wellington isn't normal. She lives alone with her mother in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and her grade average is higher than anyone at her middle school. Everyone bullies her because she has no dad. Riley's mom would tell her he's dead, but only Ella, her best friend, believes her.

All until when Riley and Ella come home after a strange day to find their parents dying from a murderer in a secret organization. That's also when Riley's mother uses her last breaths to tell her daughter something. Her father isn't dead, but hiding in London. Determined, Riley drags Ella to England to find her father; thinking he knows why her mother was murdered.

After finding a place to stay, they meet Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. And are also pulled into another case. Confused on one case and determined on another, Riley hopes Sherlock could help her find her father.

But who he is will surprise her more.



7. Unknown to the System

10 days later...

Riley smiled and slumped into a chair in the dining room; a few more minutes until Ella comes back. Their 10 days of living in Britain was a great way to start over. Riley got the job of being a librarian assisstant while Ella got the job at a bookstore; the rent was being paid, and Sherlock needed them occassionly for the Posioning & Diamondback Case. 

The door opened and Ella came in. “Any suspects on your lists?" She asked.

Riley shook her head no. For the time they were in Britain, they kept a close eye on anyone resembling her. Nothing so far.

The phone rang and Riley peered at it, seeing Mycroft's number. She accepted the call and put it up to her ear.

“I have good news and bad news, Riley." Mycroft greeted.

"What's the good news?" Riley asked.

"I found some information on you."

"What's the bad?"

"There's very little information." Riley felt chills go down her spine as he spoke. "I had put in the address you live in, found your profile, and checked. Only your birth date, name, address, passport, and social security number were found. Then I tried the social security number. It only had the schools attended, your previous address, and nothing else. No accounts of a mother. I'm sorry, but you're unknown to the system."

"It's okay. Thank you for your time." Riley answered and hung up.

"Anything?" Ella asked.

"Nothing. Not even the British Government has anything. I'm unknown."

Ella pointed behind her and said. "Go ask him."

Riley knew who she meant and got up. Her feet slightly trembled as she neared the flat. His random movements get her worried. She raised her hand and knocked twice on the door. Immediatly, Sherlock answered.

"I know it's you, Riley. Come in." 

She opened it and stepped in to see Sherlock sitting in front of a wall full of information on the case. He didn't turn to her as he spoke.

"What is it?"

"Have you found any information about my father?" Riley asked and Sherlock shook his head no. He started telling her same information Mycroft told her.

"You're unknown, Riley." Sherlock finished.

"This is scaring me because that's all exactly what Mycroft said." Riley replied. Sherlock glanced at her and she asked. "Just to ask, how did you know it was me?"

"John and, sometimes Mrs. Hudson, just come onto the flat. Ella's footing when coming in here sounds heavy, so it has to be you"

Riley could only nod and leave. As she got back to the flat, Ella waited there for her.

"Anything she asked?" She asked. 

"Still unknown." She answered.

"Maybe they aren't trying hard enough."


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