The Secret Hiding Another

Riley Wellington isn't normal. She lives alone with her mother in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and her grade average is higher than anyone at her middle school. Everyone bullies her because she has no dad. Riley's mom would tell her he's dead, but only Ella, her best friend, believes her.

All until when Riley and Ella come home after a strange day to find their parents dying from a murderer in a secret organization. That's also when Riley's mother uses her last breaths to tell her daughter something. Her father isn't dead, but hiding in London. Determined, Riley drags Ella to England to find her father; thinking he knows why her mother was murdered.

After finding a place to stay, they meet Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. And are also pulled into another case. Confused on one case and determined on another, Riley hopes Sherlock could help her find her father.

But who he is will surprise her more.



2. Leaving America, Returning to Britain

They had told her that it was a man who probably knew her from work. Riley knew that her mom had some enemies at work, but not enough to hurt her. The paramedics never said anything about the conversation that she had with her mom. Everything in the apartment went to storage or auctioned; she couldn't bear look at the things that reminded her of her mother.

Riley shrugged off the blanket the paramedics used for shock and walked over to her friend. Ella kept the blanket on, recovering from shock.

"You think that phone call was related to what happened?" Ella asked Riley in a voice almost like a whisper.

"He said that they had unfinished business to do," Riley answered "my mom must be related to them in a way."

Riley almost turned away when her phone rang with the ID saying "Unknown". She felt nervous as she pressed the answer button and put it up to her head.

"See what I mean? We know where you are and now, one person is down from my list. Just two more." It was the man's voice from the previous call.

"Who are the other two? And who are you?" Riley asked with threat in her voice.

"For the other two; I'd tell you, but then I have to kill you. For who I am; I'm just in a organization that is watching everyone. I am disappointed in the work of our special gift for your parents."

He then hanged up and left Riley with unanswered questions. Remembering her mother's words about her father in London. An idea came through her head and decided to take it. Since there is no other family members to look after them.

"Pack the rest of your bags, Ella," Riley told her "we're going to move to Britain."


Riley had announced that she and Ella were going to move to Britain at the funeral. She could feel her mother smiling. Social Services were worried about her and the idea but after a while, they decided to let her and her friend go. They promised to send the 25 packed boxes that they still have remaining. The money from the auction and other places that bought the furniture was going to both Riley and Ella.

A nudge from Ella brought Riley to the reality after thinking of what happened before they were allowed to go to Britain.

"Explain to me why we are going to Britain." Ella said. Riley paused the song, removed the ear buds from her ears, and turned to her best friend.

"My mom, before she died, said that my dad is not dead. He's in London, Britain. I need to know if he has something to do with the deaths." Riley explained.

Why are you bringing me along?" Ella asked.

"Do you really want to face the foster parents we left behind?" Riley asked back. "Besides, you're the only friend I need."

Ella blushed and said "It's weird of how it all happened in a week. The funeral, the paperwork, the promises, now this."

Riley furrowed her eyebrows and thought about it. The Services had told her that they had gotten a call that said that Riley and Ella had to go to Britain. She felt movement next to her and turned to Ella repositioning herself to sleep. The sun was going down out the airplane window, meaning they were getting close to Europe. Riley did the same thing like her friend and rested.


"Wake up, Riley. We're getting close to Britain and it's 6 am." Riley weakly got up and rubbed her eyes. Ella handed her a small brush and looked out into the aisle. Two flight attendants were talking to each other about almost being there. She stuck her head back in and took the brush from Riley. After a while, an announcement came on.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we will soon be arriving in London, Britain. Please fasten your seatbelts until further notice and welcome to Great Britain."

As they followed the similar movements of the other passengers, a thought came to Ella. "Riley, where are we going to stay?" She asked.

"For now," Riley answered "in a hotel."

Moments later, they felt the jerk as the plane touched the ground and Riley smiled. She was one step closer to her answers.

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