The Secret Hiding Another

Riley Wellington isn't normal. She lives alone with her mother in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and her grade average is higher than anyone at her middle school. Everyone bullies her because she has no dad. Riley's mom would tell her he's dead, but only Ella, her best friend, believes her.

All until when Riley and Ella come home after a strange day to find their parents dying from a murderer in a secret organization. That's also when Riley's mother uses her last breaths to tell her daughter something. Her father isn't dead, but hiding in London. Determined, Riley drags Ella to England to find her father; thinking he knows why her mother was murdered.

After finding a place to stay, they meet Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. And are also pulled into another case. Confused on one case and determined on another, Riley hopes Sherlock could help her find her father.

But who he is will surprise her more.



8. Everything Goes Downhill

It was three days after Riley was told being unknown to the system. But today, she was going home from work with a huge smile on her face. Ella, slighty being superstitous, read Riley's horoscaope from the paper, saying "All your answers will come today." She had on a turquoise ring and a bracelet that had the Mockingjay and Divergent signs. Aside from the raise at the library and the good weather, she couldn't wait for her answer.

She opened the 221b door and stepped in, trying to keep in her energy. She got to Sherlock's door and was about to knock when she heard voices that were quite angry. 

John: “Sherlock, she's young and just wants your help. She can't be an orphan forever."

Sherlock: “I know I am closer to who paid the Diamondback. The person's close."

John: "She. Needs. Help."

Sherlock: "I'm. Trying. To. Work."

Riley knocked and it opened to John, to her luck. 

"Come in." He said.

Sherlock was still looking at the case and Ella was on a chair, watching him with discontent. His eyes moved to Riley and frowned.

"Nothing." He said.

"Sherlock!" John snapped and turned to her. "He never looked into your case."

Riley's heart withered and her sunny disposition was starting to turn sad. Frustrated, she turned back to Sherlock.

"What is wrong with you?!" 

His head snapped to her, she could see his veins and eyes burn with anger.

"RILEY, SHUT UP!!" He shouted harshly.

Riley left the flat with anger, ignoring the calls to come back. She got outside and started walking away, hoping no one was following her.


Riley felt tired, not knowing where she was. She pulled out her iPhone and looked on "Maps". Somewhere in Brixton. She leaned against a wall to catch her breath and was about to put away her phone when the screen light up with a text from Ella. 

"Stay where you are." It read.

"Okay." She wrote back.

"And you need to know something."


"When Sherlock shouted your name, he said your full name."


"He didn't say Wellington."

Chills ran up her spine as she walked to the curb and texted. "What did he say?"

Once she sent it, someone grabbed her from behind and put a rag over her nose and mouth. She began feeling sleepy. Once removed, Riley dropped her phone and fell back into someone's arms. The last feeling she had was being stuffed into a trunk of a car.


Both John and Sherlock paced as Ella sent her text and waited. 

"It's all your fault, Sherlock." She said to him. "If only you haven't shouted at her, she would be here."

"And why were you never on her case?" John asked.

"If you heard me right before she left, you would have a guess."

John and Ella looked at each other, both knowing what he said.


Riley was in the apartment she lived in all her life. Blood was running down the walls and she was frightened. A man started walking towards her with a gun in his hand and crooked smile. Riley couldn't run. Then, someone behind her used one arm to pull her back and the other had a gun in hand, but it was pointed at the man. The gun fired and the man went down, the bloody walls turning clean.

Riley woke up ziptied to a chair in  a room she had never seen before. The room was filled with elegant and expensive things. A fire in the fireplace roared, infront of her (behind the table) was an elderly couple with frowns. The woman had short, curly, grey hair and was in a dress. The man was bald with a few strings of white hair and was in a suit. On the couch nearby was a man in jeans and a dark blue shirt. On his right arm was a tattoo of a snake's head in a diamond. Diamondback.

"Where am I?" She asked. The couple frowned more.

"You don't know us." The man growled. When she shook her head no, he became furious. "We're the Wellingtons, your grandparents!"

Her grandmother spoke."We knew you were here in Britain when Dominic here," gesturing to the Diamondback, "told us that you have arrived here. Fifteen years ago, we looked everywhere for your mother. But when we knew he had to be involved, we stayed back and waited."

"Who's he?" Riley asked. While this was happening, she secretly took off her ring and let it drop to the carpet underneath the table.

"Your father." Her grandfather answered, putting down a folder and opening it. 

She looked at it carefully. She searched for the part where her father's name woud be. Sher heart froze as she saw it, then it quickened with her breath.

"No. No!"

"Take her into the attic." Her grandmother ordered to Dominic. He nodded and went over to Riley. She then blacked out again.

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