As If

Kaciéé is an not so ordinary girl with a passion for drawing, but when she meets the worlds biggest boy band will her good girl side show?...


2. 2-Bad boy Malik.

I woke up to all four of the boys hopelessly shouting at me "Zayn we need to go!" ..."Zayn we have a photo shoot in like 5 minutes the stylist is waiting!" ..."Zayn , please get up I'm Ganna miss the food!" I laughed to myself knowing that the last comment came from Niall then I heard a serious shout "ZAYN HURRY UP" ...Liam! "Ugh fine!" I climbed out the bunk rubbing my eyes. The boys lead me to the dressing room "Right than love, let's start" my stylist Rosie began "we don't have much time so I hope you cleaned up" she mumbled searching threw the racks of clothes "hmm..this will do" she held up a pair of light washed jeans a pale blue checkered shirt and a denim waist coat. I changed quickly looking Into the mirror "perfect as always" I smiled at Rosie , I've always had a soft spot for her but she was maybe 2,3 years older than me and had a boyfriend so was totally off limits. She sighed giggling "Zayn! You look a mess" as she straighten up collars "here!" She placed a straw hat on my head and I pushed it back a bit running my fingers threw my hair. "There" she smiled there was something about her smile that made me grow weak "your always good for me zaynie" I raised an eyebrow than she added "I don't see what all the fuss is about ..bad boy Malik they say" I smirked "who said that?" I questioned curiously "like everyone you work with" she giggled once again "well I have a bit of a reputation" I said proudly she stared into my eyes for a moment "what you looking at?" I teased her as she snapped out of her 'day dream' "right than bad boy of to your photo shoot" I smiled winking at her as I walked out of the room , she went the brightest red. I do like Rosie but I only tease her she's more like a sister to me so It would be weird if anything happened between us infact I suppose you could say we look alike accept she has the brightest blue eyes I began thinking about her when the photographer stopped my train of thought "move a little to the left Zayn" I sighed dragging my get as I stepped to the left "we'll someone got up on the wrong side of the bed YET again" the photographer rudely commented the others couldn't contain there laughter . I would think of an awesome come back but I'm too tired so instead I just laughed along and shot a warning glare at the photographer.


"As if" the girl said disappearing down the stairs. I woke up. I couldn't get this girl out of my head literally 'Kaciéé-Jai' I kept saying her name over and over again in my head "who's this girl you kept mumbling about , it's been non stop for an hour!" Louis complained "Is she hot?" Harry winked "How old is she?" Liam asked on a more serious note "does she work in Nandos" Niall laughed "oh ...I don't know just a name ..I liked" I covered up the real truth because I knew the boys would mock me further. "Does she have any siblings" Harry went on "Haz what about me" Louis began to fake cry which took the attention of off me for a moment "If you wanna talk about her I'm always here" Liam whispered I nodded at him great fully but only if he knew he would be laughing. I closed my eyes for a moment and my mind began to fill with electric blueéé again I really couldn't stop thinking about this girl! Then the bus stopped I heard a voice it sounded familiar "how must is it to Riley close?" The driver laughed "I'm sorry sweetheart but this is for the bands use only" I went to the front of the bus and noticed blue hair..."oh I know her she can come on" I assured the driver "but mr.cowell said- I handed him £30 and he shut up letting the girl on "erm thanks.." She budged past taking a seat on the sofa "what kind of bus is this.." She gasped looking around at the kitchen area, the bunks , the en suite. "A tour bus?" Louis questioned all the boys were confused "what's the name doll?" Harry began his routine "Kacièè , Kacièè-Jai" she took a seat next to Harry and all the boys looked at me.

--a/n hiya :) I hope your enjoying it so far ;) I'll try n update sooner :( I promise I'll get it done by tomorrow anyway :) I'd really love it if I could get a few more reads /: but thanks for reading anyway :) like it please! :*---

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