As If

Kaciéé is an not so ordinary girl with a passion for drawing, but when she meets the worlds biggest boy band will her good girl side show?...


1. 1-Kacièè-Jai?

"Zayn!" One girl screamed sounding almost as she was losing her breath I ignored it as I knew we didn't have any time to stop and talk "Zayn Please sign my head!" I turned to see the girl had no hair and I gasped I took a step towards her and billions of girls rushed to me , the girls eyes began to flood with tears as she was pushed into the crowd I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped "Come On Zayn" Harry gave me an side smile patting my shoulder I quickly waved to the crowd as the tour bus doors shut infront of me blocking out the fans. I sat down and gazed out the window at the beautiful views of the un know town we were driving past I kept thinking of that girl , her eyes were the most beautiful shade of green I could get lost in them . We past a shop or two but it seemed as if no one was around. Her lips looked softer than silk, a pale baby pink. As we drove past a huge park I saw a girl on her own sitting on the bench focusing on what seemed like a drawing. "Hey Mate , can we just stop here a second" I nodded at the driver "But Mr.Cowell has gave me a strict schedule and if I do not stick to it I am on danger of getting under paid" I sighed "But- "No Buts!" He cut me off . I thought of something quickly "I-I- I'm Ganna throw up" I faked Gaging infront of the driver "Oh My goodness!!" The driver quickly opened the door almost pushing me out . I smirked strolling back to where I had seen the park bench "Where is everyone?" I questioned the girl , she had fierce blue hair and a sick fashion sense. She looked up at me than back down to her drawing "err excuse me?" I looked at her "Beats me" she went back to drawing. I leaned in to look at it but she shut her book "Sorry, but what the hell are you doing.." She looked me up and down "Oh I was just-"Who even are you?" She demanded answers "Oh we'll I'm the Zayn Malik from one direction" I posed proudly but she looked at me with confusion "One direction?" She question "Yes..Please don't scream" I covered my ears jokey "Fucking Weirdo.." She mumbled beginning to walk off . I jogged after her "Wait You don't know me?" I was shocked this girl must of been living under a rock the past 3 years or something! "No" I raised an eyebrow "yeh right" she stopped "look , I've not exactly had the best day and now some city boy comes up to me saying something about 2 directions and I don't even know who the fuck he is " she starts mumbling to herself "You really don't know my band ?... one Direction ? ...biggest boy band on earth?.." She laughed "As if " with that a marble slate opened to a stairway and she disappeared ? What the ...I need to go tell the boys about this.

"Niall!, Harry!, Liam!, Louis!." I called the boys as the appeared I rushed threw what had just happened "I just saw this girl! She didn't know who I was! Who we was! She had the brightest blue hair! And her eyes were like...a cartoon! Then she disappeared under this like rock door and I was like woah!" They all burst out laughing I sighed and went to my bunk "Under a rock!" I heard them still joking about it I sighed once again and took of my converse then I noticed something...a signature that must have been ripped from the edge of a drawing I could just about make out the name 'Kaciéé-Jai?' ...

--A/N Ok so this is my first official fan fiction I hope you liked it , thought it was very unique ..abit of a cliff hanger for you there ? ;) will Zayn find Kacièè you will find out soon :) + follow me on polyvore for kaciee's outfits threw out the chapters Ty :)

Marley xox --

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