true love found

Hermione and Ron are married,Draco and Astoria are married. Hermione didn't want any children with Ron, because she only loved him as a friend,Draco doesn't want any children with Astoria because he doesn't love her,it was a forced marriage.When Hermione meet 19 years later on platform 9 3/4, their secret feelings for each other in the past start coming back to them.


2. true feeling

"It's nice to see you too,Granger."Malfoy snickered,Hermione blinked a few times before noticing she was staring and said"Oh,sorry,Malfoy,I just wasn't expecting to see you here,soo what are you doing here anyway?"

"I have a son you know,"Draco hinted"Anyway you look good,how's the husband,you and him going well, treating each other good?He asked curiously,smiling innocently at her,she smiled back starstruck.

"Fine..not too good anyway,"oh my god..why did I just tell him that and why is he asking me that anyway?Hermione thought to herself." how is you relationship going,judging by the children it seems to be going fine,am I right?"She asked.

"No,not at all,I didn't love her,and I don't now,I had to take her because my parents forced me,I loved another,a muggleborn,of course my parents would never accept,so I had to keep her safe, by keeping it secret, I love her now,I think of her everyday..."Draco's voice was now only a whisper.

Hermione was blushing remembering a rather strong feeling she had felt for someone special,yet again Draco broke the silence

"You know, really deserve better than Weasley I always disliked him the most,he was never grateful for what he had."Draco said moving further to her. Hermione was quite shocked that he called her first name.They looked into each others eyes for a few minutes,when Hermione said."See you around Draco,the trains here."She sounded disappointed,as if she was expecting something else.As she turned to leave,he jumped up quickly and held her hand,turned her to him and kissed her,a few seconds later, they broke apart,Draco was grinning at her,she found herself grinning back,they laughed before he said"See you around, Hermione,I will come back for you,I made the mistake of letting you go once,it will not happen again."Draco reassured her,she nodded and smiled at him.before walking away and their arms became without reach.he watched her walk away until the crowd had split them apart and she was no longer in sight.He walked away to find his son Scorpius Malfoy.

Aunt Hermione,aunt Hermione!!!"chanted Albus and James together,they ran to her and hugged her and she hugged them back.

"Albus,James how are you?You have grown since the last time I saw you,how was your term,was it fun?Hermione asked them as they got their luggage and made it out to the muggle platform.

"It was amazing,we played soo many pranks,we even made a friend from Slytherin,he seems nice and we are trying to make Slytherin and the other houses bond more to stop all these arguments happening"James said looking very pleased with himself.

"Who is this new Slytherin friend of yours,anyone I've heard of,James?"Hermione asked

"Yes you do know him,you and his dad were in the same year,Scorpius Malfoy."James said

"I think he's a horrible,ridiculous,pathetic showoff, I don't know why your friends with him James. Albus sneered with a scowl on his face.

"Well, just don't mention it in front of your uncle Ron,you know how he hated the Malfoys."Hermione added through gritted teeth.

"Lets go home boys."Hermione said.

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