true love found

Hermione and Ron are married,Draco and Astoria are married. Hermione didn't want any children with Ron, because she only loved him as a friend,Draco doesn't want any children with Astoria because he doesn't love her,it was a forced marriage.When Hermione meet 19 years later on platform 9 3/4, their secret feelings for each other in the past start coming back to them.


1. The Truth

"Hermione,wake up,it's time,you are going to be late."The familiar voice made Hermione open her eyes.Ron was standing there,looking at her,she yawned and stretched,before jumping out of bed.

"Good morning."she said"one moment,I'll get ready and I'll be off to collect Albus and James from The Hogwarts Express.she smiled and as she set off to the bathroom,Ron threw his arms at her waist and grabbed on to her pulling her to him.

"Ron!!stop,I'm going to be late."Hermione said,she pushed him from her and left him standing in the middle of the bedroom looking confused.She looked at herself in the golden mirror,before stripping off her clothes and hopped in to the shower,the warm water,trickled down her back, it slowed down her pulse and made her think.

I don't love Ron in that way,as a friend yes but not as a husband,what am I going to do?This cant go any longer,I have to find someone who I want to be with.

She switched off the water quickly,dried herself and went to her closet room,picking out her clothes she ended up with a mini black dress and black heels,she brushed her neat wavy hair around her face,she quickly glanced at the mirror before leaving the room,heading into the kitchen were Ron was sitting with Lily having breakfast.

"Good morning,aunt Hermione,you look nice, where are you going?

"Good morning Lily,I'm going to pick up your brothers from the train"

Then she kissed Ron,having felt quite guilty after how she had talked to him,hugged Lily and set out the door,she aparated to king's cross station,where she ran through platforms 9 and 10, casually she got on the platform,and stood there waiting patiently,there was still 25 minutes to go before the train would come.

Two minutes later,more people came to wait for there children, who were coming home for the Christmas holidays.Harry and Ginny's children were to stay with Hermione and Ron for 2 weeks while Harry and Ginny went on holiday to celebrate their anniversary. 


Hermione had recognized the voice and wasn't sure if she was happy to see him or not.

She turned around and there stood Draco Malfoy,his white blonde hair exactly the same,his pointed features soo perfect,his grey blue eyes seemed to twinkle and sparkle,he was still the same as he had always been.she stared at him for a few seconds, before she whispered 

"Malfoy."her expression unreadable

He just looked at her and laughed.

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