Fade Away

A story of Laura Wickson who was kidnapped when she was younger, during the murder of her mum and best friend. She grew up as a slave for Master Howard who is no ordinary person. She is finally given the chance to escape from the blood sucking monster but is the other option that much better or is it worse.


1. Prologue

'Be careful love.' Those were the last three words Laura's mum said to her before she was murdered. Nodding vigorously she ran into the play area to join her friends. Having to wait 5 minutes before leaving because her mum wanted her to finish  lunch. Heading straight into the midst of the jungle theme park she scanned the area; peering round every corner in search for a familiar face. Her curly blonde hair blowing in face blocking her view.

Clumsy 7 year old Laura Wickson tripped over part of the climbing frames edge and landed left arm first into the concrete. The bone crunched and shattered, the sound itself made her want to throw up, but compared to the pain it was nothing. Tears welled up into Laura's eyes as she rolled over to nurture her broken bone. She yelled out in agonising pain, her best friend ran over straight away.

'Laura you okay?' She asked concerned, Katie Fern was 3 years older than Laura but they had lived next door to each other ever since Laura was born. 'What happened?'  As Katie explained as best as a 7 year old could about what had just happened neither of them saw the man approaching - he was just about to change their lives forever.

Shadow covered his face, showing no prominent features. He was tall and wearing a long thick black coat, with, what appeared to be, a suit and tie. Any child would have mistaken him as someones father. Thats when Laura heard her mum scream, she immediately turned to see her mum crumple to the ground gasping for air. She began to run, but Katie pulled her back; ‘Laura, we can’t go over there, trust me.’ Katie tugged the hysterically girl along with her trying to pick up the pace. Katie had seen the man, she had a lesson at school recently about dark strangers hanging around. There was something about this man that gave her the creeps. She turned back to get better hold of Laura, but that was a mistake, the moment of concentration cost her her life as she fell into the trap.

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