Fade Away

A story of Laura Wickson who was kidnapped when she was younger, during the murder of her mum and best friend. She grew up as a slave for Master Howard who is no ordinary person. She is finally given the chance to escape from the blood sucking monster but is the other option that much better or is it worse.


2. Chapter 1

Laura hit the wall that kept her a prisoner, she would have wept but she was all cried out 5 years ago. She tilted her head back, leaning against the cold hard wall that caged her in like an animal in a zoo. So todays your 16th birthday, you swore Laura you would have been free years ago. You’re 16! 16! Thats 9 years. 9 fricking years and you are still stuck in this hell hole. Laura cursed, nine years of her life wasted. If she wasn’t out by now, there was no chance and she knew it. It had been darkening her mind for ages but she kept pushing the thought away.

Laura was able to walk through the house all the way to Master Howard’s study, where she would often be called to, treated like a slave. Laura still didn't have the faintest clue of the reason she was kidnapped and brought here. Why her? Was it necessary to kill her mum and best friend just to get to her?

‘Laura, Im hungry’. Master Howard called, she knew what this meant, there was one thing about her Master that would haunt her nightmares; he wasn't a normal guy, he was a vampire. Countless amounts of times had he nearly drained Laura dry. She would always fall unconscious, losing that much blood was dangerous but her Master did not care, however he never actually try to purposely kill her. Close, always on the verge but stopped himself before she could have died.


As Laura made her way towards the dimly lit study; keeping her face blank and emotionless. There was no chance that she allow Master Howard to enjoy the pain that she felt, one bit. Every thing she did, she did to keep her sanity, her only motive was to live on for Katie and her mum, she wasn’t going to let them die in vain. Laura swore to get revenge sooner or later. Master Howard dragged her over to him and pulled her down on his lap. ‘Here love, you know the drill.’ He slowly drew back her hair and caressed her neck before he bit down on it, hard. Agony shot through her like adrenaline being pumped through her veins. Her body tense as a reflex and she felt her masters lips twist into a smile.

He releases her with a cruel smile, ‘It’s never that bad is it, love?’ Laura swallows down a wimp that was creeping up at the back of her throat. ‘Oh and by the way,’ he said to Laura’s back while she was trying to discreetly wipe her tears that were seeping from her eyes with a tattered sleeve of a hoodie. ‘We’ve got a guest coming this evening. He is of high rank in my world, so don't you dare as even mutter a word to him or even look at him in the eye. It’s inevitable you would be dead meat. Now leave I’m going to a meeting, I expect this house to be spotless for our guest by the time I’m back in an hour.’

Laura slumped her head and began to walk out of Master Howards office into the kitchen; the place that was most like home to her. It was the only place where she was left alone in, no one else ever came in or out. Laura listened out for the door to close while she unenthusiastically  washed a fork . Once she heard the comfort of the door being slammed shut, she dropped the cutlery with a thud and sunk into a heap, not being able to control her emotions anymore. She screamed in rage and grief. As she managed to regain herself enough to be able to even breath again, the door clicked open. Unable to hear anything over the sound of her thoughts and her head spinning, Laura was completely unaware. Until the figure was standing over her, reaching for her.

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