The Chilliam Flower - A Story of Love

Revive the journey between two people who are deeply in love, yet their fate seems to wall their ability to connect. Follow the journey with Charlotte and William as they find each other in the buzz of London. *WARNING: CAN GET A BIT SMUTTY*


3. Yellow Handkerchief

Song: Yellow Handkerchief - Bella Hardy

Charlotte, Tee and Zoe rushed over to the canteen as the lunch bell rang. They all babbled about their previous lesson, but all Charlotte could think about was William. His lingering and soft gaze, his golden locks of hair, his hazel orbs of mystic. They all scrambled together in her mind, and at the end, she concluded she could never be with him. Ever. But all she could do was think about him. As she was getting her food, she was thinking about him. As she grabbed a seat on a table with Tee and Zoe, she was thinking about him. As she chewed on her food, she was thinking about him. She was snapped out of her bubble when Tee was yelling her name.
"Cheese, I just asked you whether Layla was going to sit with us for lunch or not." Tee retored
"Charlotte are you okay? You look like you`ve seen a ghost!" Zoe said.
"I`m fine, and Layla said she would sit with us today." Charlotte replied.
"Oh, goody. She`s better of without those two-faced bitches she calls her friends." Tee added.
"Here she is!" Zoe exclaimed while breaking into a huge grin. 
"Oh my gosh, guys, the cutest thing happened at break today with Cheese" Layla giggled as she sat on a seat next to Tee. Charlotte`s eyes widened. No, no, no, please don`t tell them. Layla, first confused by her friends facial expressions, finally noticed her silent pleads and exclaimed: "Oh!"
Now Tee and Zoe were staring at her. Wow, close call, thought Charlotte.
"Dude, did you just come?" Teddy joked. This comment made all of them burst into laughter.
Layla squinted and crossed her arms. "Ew, Tee, no. I just remembered something."
"What did you remember; last night`s fun?" Tee wiggled her eyebrows. This made them laugh even more, making Zoe`s drink to end up making a re-appearance via her nose, and even Layla managed a giggle. They finished their lunch and scrolled on their phones, exchanging tumblr photos which, in truth, were unpleasant and hilarious, depending on your tastes.

Charlotte stood up to put away her rubbish in the bin - one hand holding her waste and the other in her pocket. She fumbled around with her handkerchief. Her yellow handkerchief. It wasn`t an annoying yellow, more of pastel type. Her thumbs caressed the beautiful Chilliams embroidered on it. It was something her dad had given her, so she could remember him. Tears pricked her eyes, but she dried them with her sweater. Little did she know, her bully - Hammond, the fat and the obnoxious - had stuck out his stumpy leg, so she could trip. Charlotte hurried over to the bin, but before she could start to return to her table, a familiar voice rang through the canteen.
"Watch out!" She stumbled and fell. Oh wow, way to go Charlotte, you just effing fell in front of the whole school, she thought. She felt weird. Whatever she had fell into was sculpting into her like a pair of arms. She closed her eyes, waiting for a wave of laughter to follow, but instead, she found she was hearing a chorus of gasps. Her forehead tickled. She opened her eyes to see why the reaction was so shocking, and found herself in the most beautiful person`s hands ever. His, blonde locks and hazel eyes gave it away. Soon enough his voice did too. "Jesus, you are gorgeous......" he muttered. "I mean, are you okay?" he quickly rephrased. Charlotte was speechless but managed to stutter: "Oh, William, I`m okay, thank you." She got up and found everyone was boring holes into her with their eyes. "I`m so sorry, I didn`t mean -" she fumbled. "Oh, no. It`s okay" he let go and broke into a grin. "I really have to go" she blushed and ran off. But she forgot her Yellow Handkerchief.










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