The Chilliam Flower - A Story of Love

Revive the journey between two people who are deeply in love, yet their fate seems to wall their ability to connect. Follow the journey with Charlotte and William as they find each other in the buzz of London. *WARNING: CAN GET A BIT SMUTTY*


4. Of course it`s Charlotte, you idiot.

William`s POV:

Charlotte rushed off before I could even call her name. But, we can get to that later. Ever since she`d rushed off all I was thinking about was how beautiful she is. Her eyes are so mysterious, like a green sea of a detective`s notebook. Her hair is so soft to the eye, and to the touch too - as I found out today. I didn`t have her number, I didn`t know where she lived... I don`t know what to do. Hold on...... I could be able to see her again..... she had dropped a yellow handkerchief, and luckily I was able to retrieve it. Really, it was exquisite. The flowers that run across the pastel fabric were ravishing..... just like her. I needed to find a way to give it back to her. Maybe I should ask Daniel?


Well, a shirt and jeans should be presentable. I slipped on my trainers and stuffed the handkerchief in my pocket. Luckily, Daniel had Layla`s number, who had Charlotte`s. Our conversation did go a bit awkwardly...


C: Hello?
W: Hi, um, is that Charlotte?

Of course it was Charlotte, you idiot.

C: Yes, it is. Who is this?
W: It`s, um, William, from today, in the canteen?

Wow, why would she even remember me?

C: Oh! Oh my gosh, I`m so sorry about today, really, I didn`t mean -
W: Hey! You don`t have to be sorry. It`s okay, to be honest, I fall all the time!
C: Trust me, not as much as I do!
W: I was wondering, if um, I could come over? You forgot your handkerchief in the canteen.
C: Oh! No it`s okay, you can give it to me tomorrow!
W: *laughs* I`ll still need your address, love. It`s Saturday tomorrow.
C: Gosh, see, I`m so silly! You want to come over now?
W: I mean, if that`s okay?
C: Yeah, that`s fine. In fact it`s perfect; I`m home alone.
W: Okay, great!
C: I live on 31 Ninam Crescent, see you in a bit?
W: See you.
C: Bye.
W: Bye


I knocked on her door and clutched the piece of fabric.

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