True Colors, Ironically Speaking (Homestuck)


6. Chapter 6: Short and Sweet

Dave had barely even finished pressing 'create' before he got his first message.

After going home, the blonde had to go through the super fantastic and fun process of making a stupid account for this horribly done website. He wasn't sure if it was trying to be edgy and modern with the design, or if it was just old, but the thing looked like it had the same format as the Oregon Trail.

turntechGodhead has starved to death of human interaction, because he sure as hell isn't getting any from this thing.

So after twenty minutes of setting it up, it glued itself to his toolbar (no matter how hard he tried, that thing was there to stay and that may or may not have made him even more pissed over this than he already was) and here he was, using his official sign in and finally creating this stupid account. It looked like his teacher had already gotten to it, because in his contacts was the name, 'ectoBiologist', and a window popped up like a viral attack of meeting singles in your area would have, only this having that stupid name plastered across the top along with a message and a bar at the bottom to type.

-- ectoBiologist [EB] began pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 16:13 --

EB: uh, hi! i'm your penpal!

The script was a bright blue and blocky, and it almost looked familiar before Dave shrugged, brushing the thought away. So, ectoBiologist, huh? Two exclamation points in a single message? "Dude, relax, you're tense," Dave muttered, fingers flying across the keys as he tacked out his own message.

TG: well sup

TG: stranger from washington school

TG: if that even is your real name

There was no response for a few moments, and Dave wondered if he would actually have to explain that yes, that was a fucking joke, when he got a message back.

EB: you caught me, i guess.

EB: the name's bond. ecto bond. i meld together the locations where the ghosts need me and take my souls shaken, not stirred.

TG: holy shit youre as nerdy as your name suggests

TG: oh wait no swearing

TG: fuck

TG: mr spades gonna kill me

TG: new record less than ten messages in and ive already fucked up

EB: well i do have that effect on people, hehe.

Raising an eyebrow, Dave actually gave a small smirk. Whoever this Ecto kid was, they were a major dork.

EB: so, mr. spade? i'm going to assume that's your teacher for this whole little pen pal thing.

TG: good assumption there

TG: he's pretty much the most terrifying guy at our school

TG: with his crazy dagger collection and his gang friends

TG: shits creepy

TG: all he does is wear suits and slick back his hair while talking with an italian accent about how hes making offers that we just cant refuse

EB: are you seriously trying to convince me that your teacher is the halfassed version of the godfather?

TG: no convincing needed

TG: these are cold hard facts

TG: okay not really

TG: well fine its all a conspiracy but i say something is fishy about that guy

EB: wow already i wanna move to texas. that sounds way cooler than washington!

EB: and i just realized that you may not be allowed to tell me about the whole teacher thing. i'm not sure if that's considered 'private information' or not. it may be against regulation.

TG: i could give two shits for the regulations here

TG: and those two shits probably shit their own two shits

TG: starting up an entire committee

TG: of shits that give no shits

EB: but that's four shits given.

EB: that's a lot of shits, meaning you care at least the value of four shits.

EB: your logic is already severely flawed, turntech!

TG: but were not talking math here friend

TG: were talking metaphor

TG: and if you plan on talking to me for the next six months

TG: youre gonna wanna try to not look at things literally

EB: i can already tell this is going to be interesting, but i have errands to run. i'll talk to you more tomorrow!

Well that had been sudden. Frowning, Dave gave a small shrug and brushed it off before typing out the next line.

TG: later

-- ectoBiologist [EB] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 16:35 --

Huh. As much as he hated to admit it, the kid didn't seem too bad. He wasn't sure if it was a girl or boy, but the excessive action movie references had him leaning towards boy. and so far 'he' seemed to be pretty chill.

Closing out of his PesterChum, Dave shut his laptop before grabbing his bag, planning on working on homework before getting a bite to eat. Within the next hour he'd completely forgotten about that invasive blue font, his fingers tapping out a beat as he worked on his Psych homework.

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