True Colors, Ironically Speaking (Homestuck)


15. Chapter 15: Trail Mix?

"John. John wake up."

The boy mumbled slightly to the voice, telling it to go away so he could sleep more. That came out as more of a slur of random syllables, however, leaving the voice to pipe back up.

"Get up!" Shifting in his bed, John let out a startled yelp when he realized that no, there wasn't any bed as he crashed to the floor. Fighting to sit up and letting out a hiss through his teeth, he looked up and realized that the place he'd been sleeping was at his computer desk, halfway on his laptop. Huh. He must have passed out while talking with Turntech. Still looking up, he turned his attention to the figure and through squinted eyes, saw Jade standing with her hands on her hips, a bright expression on her face.

"Rise and shine!"

Looking at the clock in the corner of his eye, he saw that it read 5:32 AM.

He wasn't surprised that he'd fallen asleep there. He couldn't even bring himself to pull away from the computer after their dual admissions of mutual infatuation, so he'd practically passed out typing out a stupid message, which, was probably a bit less than stupid in their eyes. He'd fallen asleep on top of his laptop, which was kind of embarrassing, but he knew Turntech would understand. Of course he would.

But Jade wouldn't, and the screen was on display seeing as he'd passed out with it open.

Flailing to get up and shut his laptop so Jade wouldn't read any of it, he let out a small sigh of relief as he saw a small screen saver of a little green, smiley faced ghost blipping around the screen at random intervals. Saved by the bell. Or, well, time out screen on his piece of crap laptop. Standing up fully and shutting the laptop while Jade just looked confused, John cleared his throat and blinked, arching an eyebrow as he tipped to the left a little bit, balancing himself on his desk. "Why are you here? I'm on break, remember? Sleeping? Not doing things?"

"Yeah, not doing anything," She said, looking pointedly at the laptop with a raised brow and smirk. John could only blush in return, looking at the ceiling.

"You know what I meant. Seriously, I've gotten like half an hour of sleep," Even as he was speaking a yawn was falling from his mouth, and Jade just grabbed his wrist, beginning to tug him into the living room.

"Because, John, I talked to Ms. Paint about the whole deal about Fef and how the social experiment had been ruined, and-"

"Wait," John asked, stopping in the middle of the hallway. Seeing as he was taller than Jade, this stopped her in her tracks, looking back at him as his expression became hopeful but also upset, "Does this mean it's over, then? Did she cancel it?"

If she did, then that meant John could actually tell Turntech everything. He could tell him his name, he could talk to him on Skype if he wanted to! He could drive down to Texas and actually meet him if he felt like it.

"Noooo," Jade sang, and when she pulled again John didn't resist, his shoulders sagging sadly as he was pulled into his living room, "We talked to Mr. Spade, and we came up with a new way this experiment could go."

"Hello, son! Trail mix?"

If John wasn't already getting more awake before, he definitely was now at the sound of his fathers voice. His living room contained four people: His father, who was eating a small baggie of trail mix and was sitting back on his couch, his Uncle Harely, who was petting his dog, Halley, that was curled up on the cushion next to him. Sitting in the one armchair in the room was Terezi, who was flicking her cane idly in an arc while Eridan snoozed lightly, still standing an leaning against the kitchen doorway.

"Uh, what?"

"We are giving you kids a ride, down to Texas," His father explained, eating one of the M&Ms out of the baggie. The closer John looked the more he could see that those seemed to be the only thing getting eaten. His father had a ridiculous sweet tooth.

Really processing what was just said, John went wide eyed, "We're what?"

"Going to Texas!" Jade pitched in excitedly, bouncing up and down as she grinned brightly, "After talking with Ms. Paint, she said that another thing the essay could be observing is how different the interaction is going to be in real life as opposed to virtually! Seeing as the anonymity factor kind of died the moment I found Fef."

Going to Texas. Going to meet their chatting partners, going to be meeting Turntech.

John was gonna meet Turntech.

"I need to sit down," He said, simply going cross legged in the middle of the floor as he hid a smile behind his hands. He was going to meet him. Oh god.

"Understandable. It is a bit early, isn't it old chap?" His uncle commented lightly, and Halley let out a small huff as he patted his head. John didn't even know how that dog was still alive. It had been old even when he was adopted, but here it was, still looking as young as ever.

"So, what, are we meeting up with them?" John asked, his fingers already itching to grab his phone and message Turntech.

"Nope! It's more of a surprise situation. We'll be writing the interaction bit, while they'll be writing how a sudden introduction can make someone feel. They won't know who we are, considering that Fef hasn't given them any physical description and neither have we!"

"And our dads are here, why?"

"Rides, duh! Plus, my dad volunteered when he heard the news that I found Fef!"

"I just wanted to go to Texas," John's own father admitted, giving a smile as he shrugged, eating another M&M, "I've always wanted to go, but I've never really had the chance."

"So we're just. . . Driving to Texas? How long is that even going to take?"

"About two days. It is two thousand miles, you shouldn't be that surprised, though you seem rather anxious," Terezi commented, sniffing slightly. It was then that her gaze fell directly on John as she got an eat shit grin. "Ohh."

"Ohh?" Jade questioned. "Ohh what?"

John looked up at Terezi with a startled expression. How the hell could she tell anything was different? In the middle of him wondering if she was just bluffing or if she could actually tell something was up, Terezi just waved her hand, standing, "Nothing, I'm just excited to get to Texas!" She gave a small chuckle, and John could have sworn she winked at him before moving towards the door, "Something pretty interesting is gonna happen there, I can feel it. Now go get packed, John, we're burning daylight."


EB: but everyone uses the regular heart!

EB: i feel like i should be using a different one, you know?

TG: no i dont

TG: whats wrong with the traditional <3 ?

EB: nothing!

EB: i just feel like you get something different.

TG: why?

EB: because you're different than everyone else to me!

TG: psh

TG: stop

TG: what else would you even use?

TG: and i swear to god if you just link a picture of a human heart or something i take back every nice thing ive ever said to you

EB: well bleh.

EB: hmm.

EB: E>

TG: is that suposed to be a heart?

EB: yeah! look at it!

TG: it looks all 8 bit

TG: i think i can deal with that

TG: ive always dug 8 bit anyways

TG: look you now have an excuse to use that terrible heart

TG: ecto?

TG: yeah youve totally passed out

TG: get some sleep ill talk to you tomorrow

TG: ....

TG: E>

-- turntechGodhead [TG] ceased pestering ectoBiologist [EB] at 04:57 --

Bro sighed, looking at his little bro who was still passed out on the couch. He'd been visiting during the last week of break, and Bro wasn't one to snoop. Usually. Your shit was your shit. But the phone had still been on and catching a glimpse of some weird heart, Bro had to check it out.

"Little man, what are you doing?" He mumbled, clicking his tongue as he set the phone back down next to Dave. When he woke up, he'd have to have a talk with him. Actually he was half tempted to wake him up and talk to him about it now, but. . . "Damn it," He grumbled, making his way to his own room. He almost didn't want to interfere at all, which being a guardian, he knew he should. This Ecto person wasn't Dave's mate, and the kid thought he was in love for fucks sake.

But what if he was? What if he'd managed to actually find someone that he really did love?

Flopping down on his own bed, Bro slipped off his hat and shades, along with both of his sweatbands around his wrists. Glancing at the black name on his wrist, he let out a small huff. "What would you do if this was your little brother, James?"

When the wrist offered no response, Brodrick just sighed, closing his eyes and throwing his forearm over his eyes as he began to fall asleep, "Yeah, that's what I thought."

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