True Colors, Ironically Speaking (Homestuck)


12. Chapter 12: Just Say Hi

John decidedly hated himself for taking the summer course option.

He'd signed up for it months in advance, and while Terezi, Eridan and Jade could just flit off and do what they pleased with their summer break, John was stuck going back into classes and doing ridiculous amounts of homework instead.

Last meeting he'd been taunted relentlessly about how tired he looked (smelled, according to the blind one of the group) by the three of them in turn, and considering that he now saw them as friends, he had no problem flipping them off as he drank his espresso while stiffing a yawn. Eridan and Jade just laughed while Terezi remained confused, asking what she'd missed.

Him and Jade hadn't talked about the 'worry' that Turntech brought up, and the event had been well over a month ago. Jade had said she understood, but she still didn't really approve. So now John just tried to ignore it, seeing as other people wouldn't react as well as Jade had. The best he could do was keep this 'crush' contained, only ever making it evident in his mind when he was talking to the guy himself. At the third meeting, John had toned down what he wanted to say, merely giving the status update of "We're good, nothing exciting's really happened though," and only Terezi had been the one to notice.

"What, the cool kid is falling from your good graces?" She questioned the moment the group fell to silence, her cloudy eyes looking red through the tinted shades as their general gaze seemed to narrow down on John.

"What? Psh, no, of course not. Just tired, not in the mood to talk," He'd excused, yawning for effect. And that sent Eridan on another rant about how 'Tw-wins is infuriating, he'll message at the w-worst times and keep me up at at all hours of the night', yada yada yada.

Actually, as he sorted through his papers, he realized that their next 'beginning-of-the-month group meeting' was the next day. The four month mark had finally been hit, and he almost felt sad. Two thirds of the way there. He only had two more months of talking with Turntech before he stopped talking to him completely.

Refusing to think of that, he went back to mentally bashing this past summer semester. He hated it, but it was also letting him graduate a bit early, which was appreciated. Turntech had teased him relentlessly over it, saying that he needed to learn how to take a break, and as he sat among a miniature sea of papers that he had to turn in by the end of summer break, he wished he could go back. But, it was finally August 31st, the next term was starting one week from then, and he was finally sorting out the last of his assignments, all ready to hand in. He wanted to fall over and sleep for a billion years, and after his current homework run, he was completely ready to.

"John! Open the door, John, come on, Johnjohnjohnjohnj-"

"For the love of-" Jade. He could recognize that voice as clear as day and for a moment he vaguely wondered if the gods of college wanted to make sure he got absolutely no sleep during his next week long break. He loved his cousin and everything, but she kept him occupied for hours on end, and all he wanted to do was get each folder organized, drop them off to the correct teachers, and sleep. Clearing off his lap and walking over to his front door, John unlocked it before opening the door wide, raising an eyebrow at his cousin. Jade was practically buzzing with excitement, her green eyes wild as she fiddled with her fuzzy snap bracelet idly in her hand. Looking down, he motioned at her wrist. "What, not keeping that covered anymore?"

"I found her."

The words reverberated around the room as she pushed past John, a grin plastered haphazardly across her face as her phone fell from her pocket into her fingers. Flipping through the lock screen with ease and pulling up what looked like a Facebook page, Jade held the phone up for John to see.

The picture was of a girl with long black hair, a smile and pink glasses, her skin having a light tan while her teeth were perfectly white. She was sitting with some girl who looked similar to her, but with short black hair and two long braids draped over each of her shoulders, her right eyebrow pierced. John just glanced at the picture again before looking up at Jade. "Alright I missed something."

"My mate, John, this is her!"

"Which one?"

"The long haired one, the other one is too old, but that's not the point. The point is I found her!"

"I didn't even realize your mate was a girl."

"Yeah, so?"

"I didn't think that, uh. . . Well who am I to talk," He muttered, scratching at the back of his head. This made Jade raise an eyebrow as well before waving him off.

"Still, John, look! Focus on the main point here!"

It was then that he realized he was being rude, and immediately perked up, smiling as he leaned down and hugged his cousin, picking her up slightly as he laughed. "Congratulations! Have you talked to her yet?"

"Noooooo, not yet," She admitted, squeezing John once before dropping back to her normal height, letting him go. "I just found her like, an hour ago, and nearly had a panic attack. I've been looking since December, and now I've just. . . . Found her. Her Facebook didn't exist before but I think she may have had it deactivated or something, I don't know. All I know is that I found her John oh my god I found my mate!" Letting out a squeal, she bounced on the balls of her feet, beginning to pace the apartment and hopping carefully over each of John's papers every time she passed. "But she lives all the way down in Texas, so I'm not sure how I'm going to get down there. I'm living on a college budget, lets face it. I wonder if I can talk to my dad about borrowing his car to go down there. . . "

She gave a small hum as she shook her head, waving her hands. "It doesn't matter, right? I'll figure it out soon enough, I just need to go, and try and talk to her. Right?"

"Right," John assured, nodding. "So how are you gonna do that?"

This caused the room to fall in silence as Jade let out a groan, dropping her head to her hands. "Joooooooohn don't ask things like that, you'll make me freak out!"

"How would that make you freak out?!"

"Because! I don't know how to start. Help me, John, quickly, what do I do?"

"Why quickly? don't know! I'm just as lost as you are, I haven't even found my mate! Why would I know what to say?"

"Because you're John! You're helpful, you can figure this stuff out, come on!" Jade now looked legitimately nervous, and John could almost laugh. She'd came in beaming and now looked like she was going to throw up.

"Just say hi. Start out with hi, don't just be like 'By the way, I'm your soulmate', introduce yourself and if she recognizes your name, than you know for sure that she's the one."

"I already know for sure, look at her face."

"What does that even mean?"

"I'm saying, look at her face! Seem special to you? No? I was literally scrolling down my Facebook homepage and saw her picture and I knew. Before I even saw her name, I knew. Trust me John, it's weird, but you just. . . Know. I don't need to introduce myself to be sure, but I'll do it as a pleasantry because lets face it if I didn't that'd be rude."

"Alright. Then right now, send a message just telling her hello."

"It's so weird, I'm about to talk to her for the first time. God, I didn't realize I would be so nervous about this," Jade swallowed thickly as she flopped on John's couch, looking at her phone intently. "Do I just say hi or do I say her full name with the hi? What if she goes by a nickname? What if she doesn't get online for days? What if I spell something wrong?"

Rolling his eyes, John sat down next to her, plucking her phone away and tapping out a message while she chewed on her lip nervously.

"Hi! I'm Jade!"

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