The Flock

" 'You realize, Steel, that if you join the Flock, you'll be rebelling against you father, right?' Asked Jay. 'Yeah,' Was his answer." This is a quote from the In Progress book by mwah.

In this book the character's have code names. Bird code names. I wrote this with a fiend on another website and it went back and forth with eachother. Sorry if alot of different things are going on.


3. Chapter Two

Jay finished her food and walked over to a corner where Raven was. Instead of the boxes she took the corner. But she only sat. She soon got up to help Cardinal. She told Cardinal to sleep in the loft. She helped her climb up. Then made the warmest and comfiest bed. Cassidy was the youngest and Finch was the oldest, Blue-Jay behind. Jay and Blue-Jay had an inside joke, how both names had Jay in them.

Blue-Jay and Canary trailed in, both covered with mud.

Raven jumped up, having finished her food and asked what happened.

Blue-Jay glanced at Canary. "well, we were avoiding a Razor when this stealth-master tripped and sent us into a mud puddle"

Raven rolled her eyes. "Don't get everything all muddy." She advised and Blue-Jay looked indignant.

"Well, I'm glad I got such a warm welcome-back." He said fake-grumpily.

Jay slapped her watch and flew down from the top of the barn, she pulled them back in and did a forward roll in the air landing on her feet.
"How did the mission go?" She asked Canary who eyed the loft where Cardinal was resting. She nodded getting what her was saying and a small group of them walked out of earshot.
"It went fine, found some Razors patroling upper east. They were aresting stranglers. The Razors are getting thinner and thinner. I think they think we moved down to Miami, its a start." Jay nodded.
"I like how this is going, we don't need more Razors. Thats a definite. How is the project coming?" Jay concluded.


Raven lifted her head suddenly and quickly scaled a tower of crates to peek out a small window. What she saw made her groan in frustration. She jumped down and rolled before standing up. "Did either of you two bother to clean up the mud trail you left?" She asked angrily and slowly.

Blue-Jay and Canary looked at each other wide eyed.

Raven groaned. "I'll be back." She pulled out her dagger and ran out of the barn to distract the Razor that was following the mud trail the other two left. "Over here, Swamp Breath!" She shouted and ducked behind a bush.


Jay saw the Razor too and ran behind Raven.

Raven looked behind her quickly and saw Jay. She looked back to the Razor. "C'mon!" She shouted when the Razor hesitated, "Are you scared?" (Raven's pretty reckless....)

The Razor's eyes got big, then he smiled. They were part of the Flock. Jay reached out to Raven covering her face with her other hand. "Raven he reconizes us," She hesitated for a second, "fly," She whispered.

Raven nodded and took off running. She expanded her wings and took off

Jay followed pursuit, the Razor didn't excpect that and got a blow in the head thanks to Raven, but Jay once over the Razor retracted her wings and landed on his back. She tied the Razor up and made him pass out, stealing his backpack and clothing to the under graments and ran and flew toward the barn.

Raven didn't enter the barn but instead ripped a small piece of cloth from her shirt and quickly wiped up the muddy footprints.

Jay looked at Raven and then flew into the barn. "Taken care of, Raven should be rewarded." She said after she put the Razor's items in a box. Canary nodded and walked over. Robin and BlueJay followed.
"We could award her the Coat of Razor's." Canary suggested. Jay shook her head.
"No, that is for higher uppers', we could let her join Spy?" Jay asked.
''No," Robin said almost immidiatly, "She gets too careless, why don't we just let her get first pick at dinner for a week?" She said.
The group nodded, but Hawk barged in.
"She also gets the Flock Seal, I think she's proven herself." Jay, Robin, Canary, and BlueJay, stared at Hawk in disbelief. The Flock Seal? Hawk barley ever gave anyone the Flock Seal.

Raven flew into the barn and folded her wings as she landed. She put her dagger back in her boot along with the scrap of cloth.

Jay saw out of the corner of her eye that Cassidy poked her head above the hay bales. Her eyes got wide and she eyed the loft, the group got it and started whispering. Hawk looked serious.
"We can't just go around rewarding Flock Seals! We haven't Awarded Finch and she's 15!" Canary freaked out. He had a point, but Raven had proved herself, she had even been allowed to join in Flock Seal Missions and Meetings, the reason they didn't let Finch and Cardnial in the Meetings was because they wern't Flock Seals.

Raven tilted her head but supposed it was just another Flock meeting. She found a little niche in some boxes and walked in. She leaned against a box, she closed her eyes and sighed as she thought of Jason, a boy her age who was her best friend before Neever Eskape had his Razors kill him. That was the reason she ran. She missed him a LOOOOT.

Finally the group agreed. Raven would officially become a member of the Flock. They would do it in the morning.

Raven slid to the ground and hugged her knees to her chest. No one else in the flock could fit in there, most likely, so she doubted they would find her. She pressed her forehead to her knees and let a few tears escape.

Jay walked back to her bale of hay and sunk in, it was a little cold but she fell asleep.

Eventually Raven fell into a light sleep in her little box compartment.

Blue-Jay looked for Raven but couldn't find her anywhere. He heard faint breaths and followed the sound. He found Raven hugging her knees and sleeping. He smiled a little before taking watch.

Jay relived Dove's death. When it was just Canary, Hawk, Robin, and herself. She squirmed.

Raven dreamt of Jason. He was chasing her and they were swinging from tree to tree, laughing like little kids and teasing each other. That was when the Razor came. They hadn't noticed him yet but when a knife flew and hit Jason, killing him instantly Raven screamed and dropped to the ground. She took the knife and cried as she ran off, away from the Razor.

Raven woke with a start and climbed out of the niche hurriedly. She leaned against the outer boxes and pulled her knife out, the knife that killed her best friend. She could have given it up but she couldn't it was like her last reminder of Jason.

Jay got up and ran outside tears in her eyes. She flew tp the top of the barn and looked up. "Hey Dove, I miss you. You know that right?"

Raven held the knife to her chest and wiped a few tears off her cheeks. She went to Blue-Jay. "I'll take watch for the rest of the night." She said.

Blue-Jay hesitated but nodded slowly. He got up.

Jay sat on the roof. She imagined Dove next to her like they used to. But then she laughed out loud. Remebering what had happened after he died. Hawk had threatened to slap Canary because he was trying to make the best of it. She jumped off the roof.

Raven's thoughts never strayed from Jason she still gripped the knife tightly.

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