The Flock

" 'You realize, Steel, that if you join the Flock, you'll be rebelling against you father, right?' Asked Jay. 'Yeah,' Was his answer." This is a quote from the In Progress book by mwah.

In this book the character's have code names. Bird code names. I wrote this with a fiend on another website and it went back and forth with eachother. Sorry if alot of different things are going on.


2. Chapter One

Jay nodded to Hawk, who walked slowly forward. Robin clutched at the air where Hawk's arm had been. "No!" Robin screeched. Hawk turned briskly around. "Yes." She muttered. Canary rubbed Robin's arm. "s' okay," He said. Jay and Hawk needed to get to high ground, to find the rest of the Flock, they needed to find Cardinal and Raven the fastest though. They were new to the Flock. They climbed the abandoned staircase of a tall, New York City style building. They were in New York, but it wasn't notable. The sky was in forever grey, the streets, peoples. No one was in New York. No one would ever be in New York. Not any more. Not after Neever Eskape. He had killed everyone in New York. He said that the city was not worthy, so the inhabitants were not worthy. Neever Eskape's base was in California, far away from the Flock, but not far enough. The Razors roamed New York, trying to find rebelling citizens. But the Flock was different. They were the Razor's top priority, being Eskape's Most Wanted. After being caught as Shadows, they were wanted everywhere. Jay stood at the top of the building, and relayed a series of bird twitters. There was a reply, she looked to Hawk. Hawk nodded and jumped off the roof.

Raven ducked behind the side of a house to avoid a Razor that had just walked by. She exhaled slightly, it had taken a while to get that one of her trail. IN fact, she wasn't even sure the Razor knew she knew he was following her.

Raven pulled her dagger out of her boot. The leather grip was worn but the blade was in perfect condition. She had to find Cardinal, and fast. She ran down the street, ducking behind shrubs and houses so she wouldn't be seen. Her footsteps were silent against the grass, breathing carefully controlled. She stopped by the old abandoned barn Cardinal and her had decided on for a meeting place. She whistled a complicated raven call and waited, looking over her shoulder apprehensively.

Raven heard a footstep behind her and whirled around. She saw the Razor that was following her and took flight.

She quickly scaled a drain pipe and got to the roof of a building. With Dismay, Raven realized the Razor could climb too. She leaped from roof to roof, not caring much about stealth at the moment. She whistled the panic signal, a long, drawn out, loud whistle as she ran— And leaped, I guess.

Jay watched as Hawk plummeted, but then, she spread her arms out and flew. Jay also heard the panic call. She too, ran and jumped strait out. Instead of waiting for herself to fall, she did it immediately so that she flew forward at high elevation, she could see everything. Jane flapped and soared forward. She spotted the small running dot that was Raven. Pulled her arms in and pointing herself down, she nose dived.

Raven looked behind her and stumbled. She cursed silently as she fell and the Razor advanced. She pushed herself back up but her knees were scraped, making it harder to get off the roof. The strangely athletic Razor advanced and she backed to the edge of the roof. Raven gripped her dagger tightly, not noticing Jay.

"Stay back, I'm warning you," Raven said, glaring in hate. "I'm not afraid to stick this in places a man should not be stabbed."

Jay slapped her wrist to make the wings contract. Did a flip in the air and kicked the Razor right in the chest. Jay took out a bag and put it under the man's nose, he passed out. "Raven help me get his gear off of him, then we tie him up." Jay looked through the Razors stuff. He had a laser, a knife, smelling salts, a gun, and 2 walkie-talkie's. Raven did a complicated boat knot and Jay and Raven tied him to a steel pole. "Raven, get your 'wings' on." Raven nodded. They stood at the edge of the roof and jumped. "Me first," Jay paused an evil grin on her face, "Me first Rachel," She jumped.


Raven narrowed her eyes and her mouth opened slightly. She jumped after Jay after stowing her dagger back in her boot.

Cardinal closed her eyes. Trying not to relive her mothers death for the bazillionth time. She opened them again. There was a rustle of leaves. She cowered, but it was just a small bird. She ran out of the park, flinching at the light, and at the flash of eyes she swore she saw in a window. Cardinal ran, she bumped into Finch who nearly screamed, whipping around with her knife out, scrapping Cardinal's face badly. It would scar. Cassidy broke into tears. Finch grabbed her, "I'm so sorry! I thought you were a Razor! Oh! I'm so sorry!" Felicity murmured, "Lets get you back to headquarters."
Raven flew after Jay and landed next to her on the roof.

"We need to get back to the Barn." Jay said aggressively. Jay was the leader after all. The Barn was their headquarters. It was abandoned with a large stone fence around it. There was only one way into the property, flying. Before Raven could agree, she jumped, Jane flapped her wings. The Flock had gotten them from Razors, except they hadn't been wings. Dove, before he had died, made a bunch, concealed as watches. Jay landed softly next to the door of the barn, she walked inside. It was softly lit with large lights attached to the sloped roof. There were bunches and bunches of straw, hay, wool, cotton, and food stocked everywhere. It was after all, Owens Stock Barn.

Raven waited a second, confused, before following.

Cardinal cried the whole walk home, even though she cried quietly, it was loud in the silent environment. Finch shushed her in that motherly way, as she walked her to the door. "Where's Canary?" She asked loudly. Canary was the one who knew about First-Aid.

Raven shook her head, "He went with Blue-Jay on a scouting trip." She said, "C'mere." She stood up and beckoned to Cardinal, grabbing the first aid kit.

Raven quickly and gently cleaned Cardinal's scrape. "It might leave a faint scar but there's not much we can do about that..." She said and finished bandaging it. She put away the kit and started cleaning her dagger with the scrap of an old shirt.

Jay gathered some fruit and poultry. "This is dinner!"

Raven tucked her dagger away and discarded the scrap of cloth. She took a small orange for herself


Jay got some grapes and a chicken wing.


Raven curled up in a little cubby of boxes and silently picked apart her orange.

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