If everything was different...

This is a story about what would happen if everybody Harry lost came back.
What would Harry parents be like? Would they be proud of him? Would Ginny still love him?

Loosely based on the 19 years later...


8. Warnings and Promises Continued...

Lily's P.O.V

My mother looked a little upset. "I know you haven't seen it, but I believe it is relevant for the kids to realise my motivation. Plus they won't get my joke later on if they don't." Said Dad.


"Right kids, read and sign this paper to say you will obey whatever I say." Said my Dad. He didn't say it forcefully, but it was not in a friend sort if way. We all signed and Dad told us to cover our mouths and dip our heads in the water.


I went first. "Ready Dad!" 

"Okay wait for us there," he replied. I dipped my head in and I started falling through clouds and then I landed hard on the floor. 

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