If everything was different...

This is a story about what would happen if everybody Harry lost came back.
What would Harry parents be like? Would they be proud of him? Would Ginny still love him?

Loosely based on the 19 years later...


19. Rescued

*Any spells will appear slanted*

Ginny's P.O.V


"Stand back!" Shouted Harry. "Alohomora!" 

The door creaked open and we walked through the hallways upstairs. Me and Harry lead, followed by the DADA members then Ron and Hermione. As we turned the corner I saw Minvera. She was surrounded by Death Eaters. 

"Potter will come for me." She said.

"No one cares about you. Why else have you received our company for 3 months!" Laughed the nearest Death Eater. 

"You'll see." Replied Mcgonagall. "Harry Potter will come for me. I know it. And he will not be alone." 

"Whatever helps you sleep," snorted the furthest one. "Personally, I don't believe such a lump of fat can be of so much help!" 


As as soon as he said this all four Death Eaters were pinned up against the wall and gasping for breath.

"You were wrong again weren't you?" Smiled Harry.

The DADA walked over to Mcgonagall. 

"Professor!" Gasped Lily. "James, you know the spell. Do it."

"Relashio!" Shouted James.

"Obliviate!" Shouted Me, Harry, Ron and Hermione.


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