If everything was different...

This is a story about what would happen if everybody Harry lost came back.
What would Harry parents be like? Would they be proud of him? Would Ginny still love him?

Loosely based on the 19 years later...


3. One More

Harry's P.O.V


Harry led the way upstairs passing Rons room to see him and Hermione in a passionate embrace. 

"We should go to your room," muttered Harry.

"That's advisable," replied Ginny.


3 months later... at breakfast in the burrow.

"Harry we should tell." Said Ginny.

"Tell what?" Asked Ron. 

Ginny looked at Harry. He nodded and motioned for her to come.

"Can we tell my parents first?" Pleaded Harry.

"Sure, let's go." Replied Ginny.

Harry grinned. 

"Woah!" Ron called after them. 

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