If everything was different...

This is a story about what would happen if everybody Harry lost came back.
What would Harry parents be like? Would they be proud of him? Would Ginny still love him?

Loosely based on the 19 years later...


9. Memories

Ginny's P.O.V

Once we had all landed Harry led us through to some doors. "Listen carefully." He instructed.

-5 mins later-

I looked at Harry and saw he was sweating. "Harry, are you alright?" I asked. 

"Yes," he smiled. "It just still upsets me a little. Come on, time to go."


I felt the familiar whizzing sensation before solid ground. James, Lily and Albus looked at Harry. "Accio Butterbeer!" I shouted. "Here Harry." 

"So kids. Do you understand?" He asked. 

"Dad," chimed Albus. "Was Voldemort right?"

Harry smiled. "No, of course not. It was I who the Elder Wand belonged to and it is I who it still does. And that leads us to our next memory. Go in the order we went last time."


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