If everything was different...

This is a story about what would happen if everybody Harry lost came back.
What would Harry parents be like? Would they be proud of him? Would Ginny still love him?

Loosely based on the 19 years later...


14. Hogwarts

James's P.O.V


i jumped up. I'm going to Hogwarts today! I met the others and the adults downstairs we had breakfast, packed and set off. 


Upon arriving we loaded our trunks and owls up. Then it was time to say goodbye. We pretended to be upset and hid our grins. Once on the Hogwarts Express we ordered some Chocolate Frogs and sat out the journey chatting and wondering what the DADA Group would be like.




As students got sorted it came to the Potters. 

Potter, Albus - Griffindor

Potter, James - Griffindor

Potter, Lily - Griffindor

Weasley, Hugo - Griffindor

Weasley, Rose - Griffindor


As the children lined up and walked as a group toward Griffindor they were swamped in cheers and whistles. They grinned and sat beside Finnigan and Longbottom.


"Silence!" Shouted Professor Dumbledore. "We have a new teacher in Potions post. May I welcome Professor Wood! And a Defence against Dark Arts group will be available for 2nd years and above on Saturdays at 6:30 until 8:30. Taking this club will be..."


The hall doors flung open and there stood Harry Potter with Ron on his right with Hermione and Ginny holding his left hand. After everyone registered the moment people screamed, whistled, cheered and high fived. Shouts of "OMG how soon can we sign up?" Echoed across the Great Hall. 


Dumbledore shouted and silence resumed. "As I am sure you can see we have Professor Potter 

, Professor Weasley, Professor Weasley and Professor Granger! These interested should stay behind after the feast. Please be aware places are limited. Thank you!" And he resumed his seat.


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