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3. Felix and Marzia for @Rickie_Elizabeth_Styles

So Awkward...

Mirella's P.O.V.

I sat on my bed, with my laptop in my lap as I was currently editing my newest vlog to upload on our joint YouTube Chanel - shared between my parents and I, even though we each had our separate accounts, too. It was a video of the day in which my friends and I had visited  Mum and Dad at VidCon for the first time. I hummed along to the music blasting out of my earphones, swaying my body with the rhythm slowly, when a sharp knock at the door pulled me out of my chill-time.

"Come in," I called out and pushed my laptop to the side. "Oh, what's up?"

Marzia, my mum, stared at me seriously. "Mirella, honey, Felix and I think that it it's the right time for you to hear this -"

Dad interrupted her quickly, "Your mother thinks it's time for you to hear this." They shared a quick glance and I suddenly sat up straighter, blowing my dark bangs out of my eyes. "You're at that age when you feel...how do you say it? Ah, experimental. And we know that, well, you're gonna start to wanna hang out with boys and stuff, but - you're not gonna want to yet, if you know what I mean." 

I stared at him for a second: the internationally-known Pewdiepie, my dad who I looked up to, was blushing a tomato red. "What?"

Mum giggled uncomfortably. "We were your age once, you know, and not too long ago, either. So we know what goes on in that pretty little head of yours - we know you better than you think. What your father is trying to say is that you are going to want to kiss boys and more, very soon; even if you're too young right now, you will at some point. We just want you to be safe, sweetie."

I shrieked. "Excuse me?! Are you seriously having this conversation with me right now? Guys! This is so - so - awkward. Like, I know. The birds and the bees, just - no." He visibly sighed.

"Oh, thank God." She hit his arm lightly, a smile slowly forming on her face. "Now that that's out of the way, WHO WANTS TO GO AND GET SOME ICE-CREAM?" I jumped up and ran out of my room as fast as I could, my slightly-immature-but-still-the-best-in-the-world parents chasing after me.


Holy smokes, this sucked ass! I'm sorry it's so short and really, really bad. I am so not happy with this one. Besides, I have only just realised that I've been writing in an 'I' point instead of 'you' if that makes sense. Tell me if you think I should change it. Anyway, love you guys.

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