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2. Caspar Lee for @Horan girl

Romance in Rome.First imagine, sorry if it seems a little rushed and a bit short, but I had a bit of writer's block. I wasn't sure if you'd like it, but I hope you do. P.S, I apologise that took a while to upload! Thanks for reading, don't forget to request :)

Cammy’s P.O.V
I stood in front of the bathroom mirror, in a hotel somewhere almost three hours away from London. My boyfriend Caspar and I had been in Rome for four days now, and we were staying in a sweet little hotel called the Bluebell. It was run by an old lady and her husband – they were so kind. Anyway, I was getting ready for another big date tonight.
 Grabbing the hem of my white dress, I straightened it out, making sure that I looked okay. Surprise dates aren’t really my thing, as you never know what to wear or what shoes to put on – no matter how thoughtful the gesture is. Unfortunately, this was one of those times.
“Cammy, are you ready yet?” Caspar yelled through the door separating our room and the bathroom. I quickly slipped on my Converse shoes (don’t judge me, you’ve gotta be prepared for anything) and met him in the hall. He grinned, eyes wide. “You look – babe – you look beautiful. As always.” I blushed lightly and averted eye-contact, as not to end up giggling like a school girl.
“Why thank you, Mr Lee.”
“I’m prepared to just stay home and keep you all to myself – ow! What was that for?”
I scoffed. “Come on, let’s go before you get too horny.”
Caspar was soon parking the car in front of a small place: Ti Amo. Of course, I had taken Italian in school so I knew what it meant, however Caspar still kindly translated it for me. “It means ‘I Love You’ in Italian.” (I’m sorry if it’s wrong – don’t kill me!) We walked in and I gasped; it was beautiful. Cream walls, mahogany floor boards, shelves of wine and cheese, and a winding metal staircase leading upstairs into storage. A mirror hung on the wall which showed our reflections: me looking like an awestruck Fangirl, my date hanging off of my arm and smiling at me. Tables were dotted around the room, each covered with a checked tablecloth; candles and an open bottle of wine completed the romantic atmosphere. There was only one other couple, a few years our senior, sharing a cliché bowl of spaghetti, so in love. It was so cute!
“Mmm, smell that,” Caspar instructed. I sniffed the air for the smell of every delicious scent that you could ever imagine. “It smells almost as good as you.”
A waiter approached us, dressed in all white with shining black shoes. “Table for two, sir?” Caspar confirmed and we were led to a corner of the restaurant, under a round window, the moon shining brightly over us; a true Dear John moment. He pulled out my chair for me and waited until I was comfortable before he sat down, grinning sheepishly.
“Oh, Caspar, this is – you didn’t have to do all of this for me. It’s amazing.”
“Anything for you, Cammy,” he replied. “Because I – I think I –”
A small, blonde, perky waitress bounded up to our table. “Oh my God, you’re Casper Lee! Casper Lee!” She yelled with her English accent. “And, Jesus Christ, you’re Cammy. You guys are totes my OTP (One True Pairing). So cute together: I love you two.” I blushed, looking down at the table.
“Hey, love. Thanks, but we’re kind of on a date,” he said, though he was obviously trying not to look annoyed.
“Oh God, I am so sorry. Anywhore, I’m Scarlett and I’m your waitress for tonight. Have you decided what to eat yet?”
My eyes quickly scanned the menu that was lying on the table. “Can I have the spaghetti e salsa di pomodoro?”
“Sure thing, and for you?” She turned to Caspar.
“Um…I’ll just have the same, thanks.” Scarlett smiled sweetly and walked off towards the kitchens. “So, um, where were we?”
My eyebrows furrowed slightly. “You were thinking something.”
“Oh, yeah. Cammy, we’ve been going out for a while now and my feelings have just been growing stronger. Ever since I first met you, saw the back of your long, brown hair across the room, I knew you were the One. Cheesy, right?” My head bobbed up and down a little at this, though I couldn’t stop the evident smile on my lips. “But it’s true, baby. I think – no, I’m sure – that I love you.” A grin a mile wide spread across my face as I looked him in the eyes. He really meant it.
“Do you know just how long I’ve been waiting to hear that?” Leaning across the table, I pecked him lightly on the lips. “I love you, too, babe.”
“One day we’re gonna get married, you know that right? We’ll be parents with lots of babies and live together forever and ever," he muttered quietly, blushing and averting eye-contact with me.
I giggled. “I can’t wait.”

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