New Me

Lydia Patricks hates her life but one day will change it all. The day her mother tells her they are moving, she feels a sense of relief and escape. When Lydia and her Mum move, Lydia sees it as the perfect opportunity to re-invent herself.


2. Entertainment

When I get home, I fix myself some pasta and tomato sauce. Eating, I finish my homework from today and yesterday, it doesn't take me long, so I have the rest of the evening to chill. Mum's working late so I can do whatever I like!

It's a Thursday, so on at eight is America's Next Top Model. All I need to do know is fill the time between now and then...

I run a bath and hop in. I make it a long, soaking, bubble bath. I get out, smother myself in body butter and shove my shoulder blade length brown hair into a turban. Once I'd put on my onesie, I rushed downstairs, grabbed my snacks and sat myself down just in time!

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